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posted by [personal profile] panik at 09:56am on 10/03/2010 under , ,
...assail me this cold, damp morning.

I may have made a mistake when I decided - of all my many ideas - to choose to write Shed. I may have to rethink this. It's not really happening like I hoped, it needs more work, more prep, more thought and I think, maybe it'd be better to cut my losses and go with another idea that is happening in what I jokingly think of as my brane.

The other one is a plot I've had on my mind, off and on for years. I's better prepped and covers much of the same territory than Shed. The ideas I'm having seem better suited to the other (working title 'Window' - for reasons too strange to go into right now) and, well, I have lots of reasons for switching that I won't bore you with but the main one is, it just feels right. Shed, I think, will have to wait.

I find THIS highly illustrative of my thought process on the matter for the past several days. No matter how many times I see it, it makes me giggle.

Anyway, I have a father to feed and a house to clean. Life eh? So far from perfect yet what's the alternative? Answers on a postcard. In the meantime, I'll be the one rocking in the dark and dusty corner, sucking my thumb with spiral-eyes, like a cartoon.

ETA: And pausing to say, I've been working on the plot and already written more in an hour and a half than I have on Shed in the past 2 months. Kiss my face!

Tbh, I don't understand now, why I set myself the challenge of writing something entirely new when this story has been nestling in a cosy corner of my mind for at least 10 years, for as long - maybe longer - than Entanglement. There's no accounting for it, none at all but whatever strange and convolute reasons I had back in January when I embarked on the decision to write Shed first, they're lost to me now.

But oh, the relief! Like having a boil lanced or a splinter removed, only a whole lot less painful!  I feel quite jolly, justified in the decision and finally getting somewhere.

OK. Tea, and then on. I've got till 2pm to churn out some more plot before I have to shift myself and do less exciting things.
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posted by [identity profile] at 12:30pm on 10/03/2010
Sometimes that's all you can do - abandon, at least temporarily, something that isn't working and switch to something you think will work better.
posted by [identity profile] at 12:53pm on 10/03/2010
I can't even remember why I decided to go with the new idea first anyway, maybe because it was new, it had that shiny, dewy freshness thing going for it. The one I've switched to is an idea I've had brewing for many years and is at least 50% fully worked out in my head. It covers some of the same territory as the new one too - I have no idea why I wasted 2 months banging my head against a wall with Shed but there it is, time to admit defeat and take the easier path. 2 hours in and I'm already smiling all over with relief and happiness. *g*

But dang, I need a new icon now!
posted by [identity profile] at 03:28pm on 10/03/2010
For the next time you experiment this ...please check you email.
posted by [identity profile] at 01:08pm on 19/03/2010
Sorry to be tardy with the response but - thanks very much for your message, hon. I shall give it a go. I'm not regretting switching projects, though, this new novel is speeding along, I feel connected to it in a way I never did with the other idea.