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Oh new TARDIS!

You are a thing of joy and colour and beauty and I love you! And - Old Skool music and credits! How very wonderful.

Very much like this new Doctor too, nice ironical tone but not too heavy handed. Eppy was a bit frantic, desperately trying to do too much too soon so - exactly like every new Doctor first eps I've ever seen,  I expect it'll get over itself and settle down before next time, but you know what I liked best? An ending, a good, proper, interesting, engaging, exciting end, no rubbishy let downs.

Very refreshing. ;o)

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I finally forced myself to watch the last episode. Oh Show! Make me cry why don't you? looks like wonderful new beginning though (crashing burning Tardis). Now I can't wait to see the new one.

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You're talking about the last Tennant ep? It made me cry too, but probably not for the same reasons. ;o) The new show is a refreshing return to proper Who and not before time imo. I hope you'll enjoy it, I think Matt Smith is going to be wonderful.

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I loved it. I wasn't expecting to. But I loved it. All of it. :-)

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I thought the plot left a bit to be desired, tbh, some scenes drawn out way too long, others much too short and frantic but mostly, I thought it was terrific, especially Matt Smith.

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Matt Smith FTW.
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Patrick Moore flirting with Annette Crosbie even! Definite yay there. Dunno about the music though.

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The music filled my heart with purest joy from the first moment! I've always preferred Delia Derbyshire's original over those overblown orchestral arrangements we've had since the 96 tvm so I was thrilled to hear they've gone that far back to basics. The new Tardis was fabulous and it looks like she'll be playing a bigger role in future eps too, which pleases me, she's had short shrift in the past 5 years.

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This all sounds very positive - I've read a couple of reviews now that rave over the new doctor. I think I've been persuaded to give him a try.

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I think he's a distinct improvement, myself. You should definitely give him a try - what's the worst that could happen? :o)