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It's raining again*

and I'm exiled upstairs, for the builders are here to fix the chimney/rip-up the kitchen ::cue sounds of filth, turmoil, mud and destruction:: I'm feeling a tad fed up when I see


and suddenly, there is good in the world again.

*Sunday-Monday, the deluge actually stopped for a whole 2 days in a row. Honest to God, there was actual sunlight all day long. I almost went mental.

ETA 14.30: There's been a huge wreck of dust and stone, everything reeks of wet soot. The new liner has become lodged in the tunnel of goats against a fallen stone deep in the chimney. The builder is currently bashing a hole in the spare-bedroom wall (occassional home to many a fangirl :) to free it. Lord knows how long this is all going to take to put right. ::holds head in hands:: On the bright side, he's fixed our drippy gutter while he was up the ladder so, swings and roundabouts. shitshitshitshit.

ETA2: 16.00: He's still here, still working poor chap, up and down the ladder and on to the roof in the pouring rain.
Pictorial evidence of our nightmare.

Kitchen chimney

In the kitchen...

Bedroom chimney

In the bedroom...


Oop  t' chimney.

It's still raining, too. ::laughs like a mad thing::

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It just makes everything better!

(though I'd about have to halve my chocolate consumption to qualify )-: )

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After weeks on the chocolate wagon, the events of the last hour have had me scarfing it down like it's leaving the planet. All for the good of my health.

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Well I was always told chocolate was one of the main food groups. This is something I've followed devotedly all my life - as is easily seen.

Nice to be proved right.

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I'm not a big chocolate muncher myself but when I go for it, I go big (I'm talking entire giant toblerones).

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Now all I need to learn is that alcohol prevents cancer and I'm in heaven.

Meanwhile - didn't you renovate your kitchen last year? Why are you getting it ripped up again?

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It's not the kitchen, just the chimney liner is well past its sell-by date and has to be replaced - and lawks a lawdy, the state of it when it came out O:!

As for chocolate, I haven't touched it for ages but after the events of the last hour, I'm glad I keep emergency supplies at the ready. man...

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This on the other hand makes me very sad. Only light beer from now on?

The home renovations sound traumatic. I' be hiding under the bed myself

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well bah humbug! I don't have psoriasis and wouldn't drink a 'frosty' beer in anything other than dire extremis. Give me a good, dark Hobgoblin or Bishop's Finger any day. *g*

PS. I'm not entirely sure what light beer is but it sounds like an invention of pure evil to me. :)
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it's "light" in calories. Achieved by reducing the alcohol content and taste :(

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I bite my thumb at it and call it a silly thing.

::needs mediaeval icons:: :)

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It's like making love in a canoe

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Now to me, that sounds rather risky and decidedly exciting.

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It's f**king close to water

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ext_9226: (dance - snailbones)

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OMG - do you still have a house to live in??? Bugger me rigid, you need chocolate, and strong booze, and possibly drugs... I'll send the cabana boys round with supplies straight away.

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::See pictorial evidence:: It's a bit of a mess for sure, everything smells of wet soot, it's going to be a bugger to put right and no mistake. Hold the cabana boys, babe, I don't want their lovely oiled bodies to get all sooty.

I have chocolate, rather too much of it, tbh ::feels decidedly dicky:: I may have to resort to dark rum which is the only booze in the house right now.
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ext_9226: (dance - snailbones)

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Strewth! Okay, well at least it's still standing... doesn't soot and plaster dust go a helluva long way? Into all your nooks and crannies... ::sends sympathy and brandy::

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Into all your nooks and crannies...
On to the new stair carpet ::directs hard stare at SO::

Oh! Brandy! ::makes grabby hands::

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The bedroom photo brings back memories... when I moved here, heating was a big solid fuel stove - actually, I think would burn anything, but I stuck with anthracite. However, it was past its best, seriously needed serviced but I didn't know where to get anyone to service it, so I decided to put in gas - bottled gas because there isn't any mains gas here. Big mistake; a couple of years later l replaced the gas with electricity (though nothing is as warm as that stove was... though I'm glad I don't have to heave anthracite in from the outside bunker on cold, wet, snowy or frosty days!)

Anyway, when the gas was put in, there was a major problem with the lining because of a fallen stone blocking a goodly part of the chimney, and they had to knock a hole through the bedroom wall...

After everything was finished, I discovered a leak at the chimney in the attic. The heat of the fire had presumably kept it dry (there had been a bad fire in that chimney several years before I moved in). Two attempts to find and seal wherever it was leaking failed, and ended up (with my neighbours' agreement) getting the chinmey stack taken down and the hole tiled over.

But getting the gas in and the hole in the wall fixed didn't take more than a couple of days.

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All long since done and dusted, we've had the stove lit and all is doing very well indeed - it's too hot to really have it going regularly yet, though, the one night we had to, we had all the doors and windows open which rather defeats the object.

Still raining though. :)

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All over your lovely stove! How awful!

[identity profile] 2010-08-24 11:31 am (UTC)(link)
Well it was all covered up, so suffered no damage. The kitchen floor was a bugger to clean though - thanks for your concern. :)

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Eeek!? Good luck with the making good on all of that. Still, drippy gutter fixed is good, right?

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Drippy gutter much needed in the present (still!) circs. I mean, how much water is there in the world??? It has to be running out soon surely.

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Re: the chocolate, that *is* good news!

I hope the devastations renovations are continuing smoothly. And it will eventually stop raining. I'm fairly sure... :)

it will eventually stop raining.

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You think? I'm honestly beginning to doubt that it will. Fortunately, we live next door to a sawmill, v useful for ark making supplies.

Saw Sherlock as it went out, yes. Rather good, I thought.

Re: it will eventually stop raining.

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Fortunately, we live next door to a sawmill, v useful for ark making supplies.

LOL! You are such a card. :)

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I wasn't sure how else to contact you, but I've been searching for The Sentinel episodes for ages and just recently stumbled across the download page on I just wanted to shoot you a thank you for having made all of them available! Probably old news to you, but I really am grateful. :) So... thanks!


[identity profile] 2011-06-26 12:09 pm (UTC)(link)
Well gosh golly, thankee kindly. It all feels like rather a long time ago, to be sure, but grateful thanks gratefully received and returned. Thanks for taking the time.

I really need to spend more time in these here parts. Permission to friend?