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And I was suddenly moved to watch the Doctor Who movie again, hadn't seen it in years and, it was much less bad than I remembered, or rather... 

I mean, it wasn't good; I sighed most mightily at the usual clutch of idiocies but all that 'Look! I is Jesus!', half-human, let's make kissy-face, Eye of Harmony (on the TARDIS people, on the TARDIS!?! I mean, what the....?) bollocks seemed so much easier to dismiss than it was back in the day (certainly no worse, actually rather less offensive than a lot of the crap Rusty's subjected us to over the years. Clearly, after 5 years of dealing with RTD, I have become immunised) and oh! People! What a marvellous Doctor Eight is! Despite the piss-poor material he has to work with, Paul McGann's Doctor just shines through with his Awesome Majesty of Total Awe.

Then there's Seven. Not my favourite in his day but Sylv more than makes up for the eighties (not his fault!) with his performance in this, and how good was it to see him again (VERY!)? And then there's jelly babies and 'I'll shoot myself' and the soundtrack and that magnificent Tardis, surely still the best Tardis interior ever? And being reminded why (despite the movie) Eight was able to edge Two from my personal top-slot to become my Most-Favourite Doctor.

And, horribly bad though it was in so many ways, it led to so much that is Good; the EDAs and Fitz Kreiner especially - without the movie, there would never have been a Fitz Kreiner and for that alone, it was worth every cringe.

So then I went and found this interview with the fabulous Paul McGann in which he talks of the movie and the importance of hair in Who, then spent a very merry hour delving through the archives and, I hope [ profile] bibliodragon won't mind me pimping her magnificent Eight-Movie pic spam because it is so bloody good, words fail me.
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and in with the new. Sad to see Ten go but looking forward to seeing what's going to happen to number 11 and, in retrospective mood, I'd like to offer a favourite vid that puts the whole regeneration thang into beautiful context.

Happy New Doctor!
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...No one's mentioned David Tennant's astonishing performance as Russell Brand, the Ghost of Christmas Present on the Catherine Tate show last night but there you go. Anyone listen to them on Radio 2 this morning then with the Most Holy Lord Bernard of Cribbins...?

Doctor Who was pure hilarious crack, I have rarely laughed so long or hard - which was good. Our home now has a new line, 'he ate it like The Master' - only used on the dog so far but we eagerly await the chances to broaden that scope.

So, good Christmas, everyone? We still have snow. Dad is going to 'dine' (the way The Skeletor Master 'dines') with his brothers today, he's been in the bathroom a mere 2 and a half hours but still hoping to have him at at least the underpants layer before my cousin comes to get him at 3.00.

Other than that, it's been relatively calm and unfraught. I now own an ipod and a goodly pile of DVD-based comedy and a bottie of delicious hard stuff. I'm now off to make sosmix rolls, please wish me well in my culinary endeavours and have a lovely Boxing Day all!

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Dark Doctor. Me likee!

Valeyard, anyone? :o)
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The new Who logo is a bit pants. I wish I hadn't looked, I feel mildly depressed now, but I suppose I'll always have my Troughton DVDs for comfort.


In the meantime, porridge + golden syrup is a fine and goodly thing on an Autumn morning. I am about to book a Matlock cabin weekend for myself and the friends who did not shun me. It rains, but it's warm inside. I find ideas are flooding in for a new novel. Life ticks on with its many pains and pleasures.There is absolutely no reason for this post and I feel I must apologise.
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I'm trying to start a new novel but being mightily distracted by Twitterer @alun_vega sending minute by minute reports of watching the filming of Doctor Who. It's riveting, almost hypnotic...

Work on The New Novel delayed by indecision on which novel to actually write, a sequel to Entanglement or teh one about a stranded-alien-living-at-the-seaside one. Such a quandary-stroke-dilemma.
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and Malcolm. Best slash potential so far this year?



Did anyone out there watch DW tonight cause the silence is deafening.

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That is all.

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Just finished a spot on BBC Breakfast and now with Catherine Tate, doing Wossy's radio show this am; guests, Paul Merton, The Proclaimers and Le Barrowman. What could be nicer for a fangirl weekend? 

...I ask my companion, sitting beside me on the sofa who will no doubt be commenting any minute now.

Heh heh heh. Fangurl weekends ftw.
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When everyone's agreeing with you, it's called squee, when they're disagreeing with you, it's called wank.

Ah, fandom.
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