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I really ought to get on and work now I think. I shall brew some coffee and turn off teh internets because it is too too amusingly distracting.

It's FRIDAY! people! But not yet, not really; not till that sun starts creeping to the yard arm. OK. Fix chapter 31, re-write 32 - 34, think you? Can it be done? Time (if it exists) shall tell. ::rolls sleeves. looks stern::

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Has anyone else been following this? It started on Twitter (where else?) but it's all over the place now.

Here a version, there a versionversion, version everywhere a version! It's been killing me all morning.

Why yes, I should be working.

Why yes, I am rather bored, why do you ask?

ETA:Star Wars, Ghostbusters...  there's more  and more! heeee!!!!


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Iran, of course and virtually every picture, every vid, every quote they're using is coming off Twitter.

Fan bloody tastic!

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Tehran Bureau is back, re-routed.

More pictures on Tehran 24.

On Twitter, I rec. SadeqEn one of the few still with internet connection and giving disturbing updates as events unfold. Also iran09.

iran09 has a lot of (poor quality, looks like it's mostly coming off phones) vids on YouTube.

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The Richard Madeley Appreciation Society.

- But not if you, like me, are trying to work because you won't.

Btw, the same guy =  RichardMadeley on Twitter and well worth a follow.


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If you're in my inbox you'll have had an email from me last night.

It was an accident. for which I apologise. I sort of tripped.

I need coffee.

Gods I do, this post made no sense! Edited for clarification. Mor coffee nao plz and make it snappy for I have fic to write.
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Twitter have just destroyed the very reason most people enjoy using it. The net is, predictably, on fire. There's already a website about it.
You know, there's a saying, don't fix what ain't broke. LJ could use a dose of that maxim too.  And thus, a bad morning is made worse. ::Sigh:: Life, why must you try me so?

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Spotify is changing my life!!!


Not sure it's available outside the UK yet but - give it a go, see what happens.

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and Graham Linehan are Tweeting to each other. Like two giant Mastodons calling to one another across the great primaeval forests of yore.

Why yes, I am drinking that strong Colombian coffee again, why do you ask?
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Which is proving deeply amusing though most of my 'acquaintances' so far are all celebs I went trawling for. Last night I advised Russell Brand on how to tweet an url and was duly responded to; thank you techno boffin from the future.'Heh. Enormously pleasing. Ticks box. More time wasted!

But lawks a lawdy do these people have time on their hands or what? Graham Linehan was posting about once a minute from 6.15am on and Wossy just never stops! Incredible.

I need more RL friends though so if you twitter please come and friend me; I am Panika over there.

Also we are back in Withnell - huzzah! *G* 
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