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There shall be no more fun with Conan and Leno fighting like a pair of strippers over a merkin@

I shall miss you, Conan, miss your freak stilt legs and albino complexion. how can it be that we'll see you no more (until you move to Fox next year)? You know, Jonathan Ross is leaving the BBC, there will be a comedy-chat sized hole in their schedules...

NBC. Nothing But C****@

The time has finally arrived for that biggest drinking binge in history and you may now flip.

::slips away to weep::

I haven't actually seen the last one yet, hopefully it will 'arrive' sometime this morning so no spoilers plz!

@ Not mine, blame Robin Wiliams
@ Not mine, blame Adam Sandler. I can't write the word, couldn't hear it for the massive, over-extended beep though, I'm sort of guessing it might have been something rude.
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the simply ENORMOUS wank-fest going on over at NBC quite as much as I am? 

INFO (For the British portion of my flist): the issue is basically over who is the bigger star - the current presenter of the Tonight Show (the delightful Conan O Brien who is pure comedy gold and the reason I 'acquire' the Tonight Show on a daily basis) and the former presenter of the Tonight Show, Jay Leno (used to be OK but well past his sell-by IM oh so HO - not to mention poor Jimmy Fallon who is piggie in the middle and getting getting totally shafted). Honestly people, even if you don't watch the shows or know the personalitites involved, go google because this is a glorious wank-storm of the purest kind with both sides bitching at each other on national TV, bwahahahaha!

Believe me, it's FANDOM WANK being played out on a massive stage and I'm loving it (and so is Ricky Gervais if Wednesday's show was anything to go by). Even Larry Saunders never came close to anything half so good.

If you love wank, you'll love this. ::makes shooing gestures. waves Conan-supporter flag::
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Or is the delightful Stephen Fry channelling Jeremy Clarkson a bit in this lovely sketch?

Why yes, I am having a bit of trouble getting started on some work this morning and it's mainly down to this and  this and this.

And why oh why is every damn thing worth watching on the televizzing screens tonight, all on at the same damn time, hmm? Answer me that and stay fashionable.
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...No one's mentioned David Tennant's astonishing performance as Russell Brand, the Ghost of Christmas Present on the Catherine Tate show last night but there you go. Anyone listen to them on Radio 2 this morning then with the Most Holy Lord Bernard of Cribbins...?

Doctor Who was pure hilarious crack, I have rarely laughed so long or hard - which was good. Our home now has a new line, 'he ate it like The Master' - only used on the dog so far but we eagerly await the chances to broaden that scope.

So, good Christmas, everyone? We still have snow. Dad is going to 'dine' (the way The Skeletor Master 'dines') with his brothers today, he's been in the bathroom a mere 2 and a half hours but still hoping to have him at at least the underpants layer before my cousin comes to get him at 3.00.

Other than that, it's been relatively calm and unfraught. I now own an ipod and a goodly pile of DVD-based comedy and a bottie of delicious hard stuff. I'm now off to make sosmix rolls, please wish me well in my culinary endeavours and have a lovely Boxing Day all!

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Awkward, Northern and a cunt.

Alan Bennett, almost perfect. Humanity just doesn't get any better, really.
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it's Alan Bennett Night tonight on BBC2, and HIGMNFY and The Thick of It.

This is excellent news, this almost makes up for the fact that I shall have to go into the icy garden in a moment to lift and shift a wild cherry tree.
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I pass on some future awesomeness from Step-Hen Free. Praise Be The Tweet.
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...winding down, thinking about going up to bed, watching that Fleetwood Mac thing on BBC2 and thinking about Tony Harrison's bold demand:

"Tusk," in its entirety, with the pauses as Lindsay Buckingham intended! Watch the room crumble at the aura of the H-Man!

So, I'm alright. You alright?

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I watched Micro Men again (cause I liked it so much the first time) and realised, as the cast rolled, we had The Fifth Doctor, the second Arthur Dent and - Vila Restal? I admit, I didn't notice Michael Keating while I was watching the show, but there he is, in the cast - assuming it's the same one...? Anyone know? It's not in his imdb list.

Maybe I just need to watch it again. The fight in the pub was priceless.

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