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I'm a mostly unemployed writer with several projects on the go. Right now I have two books out in the world seeking representation and working on a third; Entanglement, about hauntings, possession and quantum physics. I've had 2 sitcoms commissioned by the BBC, currently working on a radio comedy set in a shed.

I was once a freelance journalist working out of Cuba (mostly) and some of the more unpleasant Central American Republics. I've spent a long time in nasty, sticky places covered in leeches studying the South and Central American cultures and civilizations.

I like Permaculture and Gardening, I've been a vegetarian - occasionally vegan - for 35 years and have a tendency to be rather left wing but am (hopefully) not an idiot or a wanker, you can love the planet and love Top Gear too.

I loathe hunting. Humans who torment and/or kill other beings for fun are well beyond my pale. If you indulge in such practices, we are incompatible and I'd rather stay off your flist, thankee kindly.

I write fanfic, in Alias Smith and Jones as one half of Chickwalker, in The Sentinel as Panik

Alias Smith and Jones fic is Here. Most of my Sentinel fic is at 852 Prospect. I no longer have a website nor do I plan to get one, I'm currently archiving all my fic to AO3, ASR3 and

Some of my fanfic awards:

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