June 19th, 2017
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June 18th, 2017
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Under a cut (now that I've remembered and edited the post) because it's fairly typical of Maiden Rose, ie, sex, dubcon and angst. One hundred words because that's what a drabble is. Originally posted anon, now claimed as my own, my precious. Slightly edited for grammar.
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June 17th, 2017
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posted by [personal profile] vamysteryfan at 01:41pm on 17/06/2017
Busy week at work. We started new people on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then ended other projects on Thursday and Friday.

Did I ever tell you about Donut Day? Every Friday, the company brings in bagels and donuts (from Krispy Kreme!) for all the workers. We get fancy cream cheeses too. Honey walnut, jalapeno pepper, chive, along with the usual. I'm the one that puts them out once they are delivered. Man, you'd think these people had never seen bagels before. I almost have to beat them off with a stick to have enough time to set out everything. My reward is a blueberry glazed donut. Yum!

I have an interesting weekend planned. Today is Awesome Con in DC. I am wearing my Whovian T-shirt, TARDIS socks, and my new Doctor Who charm bracelet. I look ordinary next to some of the other people. I am with my peeps!

Tomorrow I am working at a Jamaican Jerk food festival. I did it last year and came home reeking of barbecue smoke. Good food and music, though, so I think it will be fun.
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posted by [personal profile] discord26 at 08:07am on 17/06/2017
 It’s been a bit of a mess since I last updated. Everything hasn’t been completely terrible but a good deal of it has. Where do I begin….

     Well, when I last wrote I was in the middle of a complete bathroom and back hall renovation. Guess what? I am still in the middle of a complete bathroom and back hall renovation. I am sooo angry I could scream. I hired a company which had too many other projects on their plate and I was the biggest loser. They gutted my bathroom the first week of April. The next week the electrician showed up for a day. The following week the project manager showed up for a twenty minute inspection of the roof and told me the part over the bathroom and the hall need to be replaced. The next week no one came to my house. Another week passed and the electrician came back for two days. A week later there was an electrical inspection which passed. This was followed by four or five weeks of nothing. This past Tuesday there was plumbing work done.

   I laughingly wrote yesterday in Facebook that I was on day 73 of my 3 week project. I also posted a picture. I also called an attorney through my work to see where I stood if I had to fire these guys and hire someone new. It looks like I could fare pretty well legally but I would be without a bathroom until I found someone else. I am also trying to deal with the contractor. I basically flipped out yesterday and asked the owner of the company what the status of the job was and if I should just cancel the contract and start over. He talked to the Project Manager. There may be some movement because there will be people at my home today.
Let me explain my house: I have a 9 room, with 3 floors Victorian with 2 half baths and one full baths. What does this mean? It means that I have been taking showers at the YMCA and work for over two months. If I have to get to the bathroom in the middle of the night I either wait until morning or journey through a darkened house to the first floor bathroom. At this point I’m probably going to have to see a dermatologist and an urologist.
I feel like crap. I ‘m tired from all the traveling out of my way or at odd hours to get a shower. The stuff which was in the back hall and in the linen closet in the bathroom is are everywhere in my house. Last week I smashed my foot on the base of a Kirby vacuum cleaner and I may have broken my little toe. The bruising is gone but walking is odd and I really can’t bend the little (or hugely swollen) little toe.

      I don’t know if anyone remembers that I was suffering horrific grief. That has not abated. I am good for small stretches of time but I can’t seem to move on a little. I think a good deal of it is this renovation project. It was meant to help me move on and start over sort of. It has left me stuck and the grief is just the icing on the cake to a miserable experience.

    There was some good. In my last post I mentioned that I had broken some brick walls in my genealogy research. I found birth, marriage and death records of my Italian Ancestors. I went to an Italian Family History Day in Cambridge Ma at the Dante Alighieri Society. I learned a lot about researching my Italian roots. I also found out that if I wanted to I was eligible to apply for Dual Italian citizenship. My grandfather did not become a citizen until 1933. All seven of his children, my father included, were born before 1932. They are listed on his naturalization papers. This means that they were technically Italian citizens and their children are eligible to apply for dual citizenship. I may do it but it is really complicated and once you have all the documentation the wait to get an appointment at the Italian Consulate in Boston is about 18 months. That is really not a long time because it is 4 years in New York. It’s something to think about.

    I talked to my Financial Advisor the other day. He told me that I’m doing very well and retirement looks comfortable. He said what I need to do now is splurge on myself because I can afford it. It wouldn’t be anything extravagant but a little vacation or buy something. I looked at him and said you don’t know me very well do you. There is a reason that I’m going to be comfortable…I penny pinch and I sacrifice. I can’t even think of anything to do or buy at this point.

      I am hoping the next time I post I will have a new bathroom and a bit of therapy. It’s really difficult to basically create a new life. I miss my brother but I have to find a way to move on. Grief is a very individual process and this go around for me is especially hard.

Ta for now.

June 15th, 2017
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June 14th, 2017
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posted by [personal profile] vamysteryfan at 10:01pm on 14/06/2017
He's such a sweetie but he sucks at taking care of himself. He had a bellyache but ignored it. His appendix ruptured and he got peritonitis. He's on massive meds and is staying with his family. He came into town for a doctor visit and we finally had a chance to catch up. I hugged him to pieces. I can't lose anyone else right now
June 11th, 2017
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posted by [personal profile] mab_browne at 08:47pm on 11/06/2017
I liked it a lot - it didn't grab me fannishly, and I will never particularly warm to Chris Pine, but it was fun and well done, and I was impressed by the scenes on Themyscira and some of the casting choices made.

I am not sure but I suspect I will have to drop out of the Pros BB (again). Dammit.

I bought myself a new jumper/sweater, and I bore it home in triumph and put it on again, and realised that I had bought a Blair Sandburg jumper. Not in the sense that it is an absolute copy of anything he wore in the show, but it is definitely 'Blairish' in style. Who'd a thunk?
June 10th, 2017
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posted by [personal profile] vamysteryfan at 12:26pm on 10/06/2017
And I'm glad it's over.

Very hectic week at work. 54 people started Monday, 12 on Tuesday, and 6 on Wednesday. One project went on hiatus for a week, one project switched offices, and 6 people left. That adds up to a lot of fiddly paperwork and logistics for me.

There's one IT guy at work who's kind of a jerk. I give him the benefit of the doubt a lot, but Friday I came close to clocking him. Four of us were at a farewell luncheon for a colleague. We were talking about work issues and out of nowhere he said "You probably don't understand what we're talking about" to me. Never have I wanted to Gibbs-slap someone so badly. Casual ageism/sexism lives.

My uncle John passed away over. I hadn't seen him in 20 years and only recently found out he had Alzheimer's. I still feel bad for my cousins.

This is Pride Weekend in DC. There's a parade later. Lots of businesses are flying the rainbow flag which is nice to see.

I haven't been reading enough fun things lately. I'm off to the library to find some nice murder mysteries. Enjoy the weekend!
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I may have inadvertently applied for a position at an Early Head Start Center. Got a call for an interview for this next week. Better pay, possible benefits , people who spend money on the kids instead of lining their pockets? A center that advocates for the families instead of an us vs them mentality?
Scary though, I don't like changing places of employment. I love change but not really that...
On a another note I think we're gonna see Pirates 5 tonight\o/!
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