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2010-07-13 03:53 pm
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Rather tired and at a loose end...

I thought I might try that 'I Write Like' thingumajig that's doing the rounds with a passion right now. Plugging a little of my novel in and finding that I apparently write like Stephen King (which, lawks a lawdy, I don't, nothing like!) I found myself merrily sticking in random bits of fics wot I wrote and it seems, going on samples of Chasing Rainbows, Wind Whispering, A&O, I write like HP Lovecraft (cool, if unlikely). The Sentinel Affair and Angel Dust both threw up the unusual choice of Mark Twain (Angel Dust? Mark Twain?? What the...? O:!). A Child of God came up, like the novel, as Stephen King and Blue plus a random ASJ fic, Jumping Frog (which is named for and references a Mark Twain tale) apparently remind said meme of Chuck Palahniuk.

But best of all, I put in a random bit of typical blather from my LJ and got:

I write like
James Joyce

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Personally, I think that meme's been drinking.

How are you all, btw? Long time, no whateveritiswedohere. I hope you are all happy and well.
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2010-01-13 11:59 am
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Is it my imagination

Or is the delightful Stephen Fry channelling Jeremy Clarkson a bit in this lovely sketch?

Why yes, I am having a bit of trouble getting started on some work this morning and it's mainly down to this and  this and this.

And why oh why is every damn thing worth watching on the televizzing screens tonight, all on at the same damn time, hmm? Answer me that and stay fashionable.
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2009-08-23 05:25 pm
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Tiptoes in.


Quiet, isn't it?

::tiptoes out::