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Yes, it's all over for another year.  The Crimbo decs have been taken down, packed in their boxes and stacked in the loft. Another poor, parched tree, dropping needles has been safely dumped deposited down the side garden to join three of its brethren. Aforementioned pine needles have been hoovered - though a few will no doubt come back to attack bare feet for the next several months.

I have scrubbed. The house is all clean and shiny and smelly with beeswax, I have a mug of Rose Pouchong and the last mince pie and am sitting on the sofa watching Lord Bernard of Cribbins! in Dalek Invasion Earth O:! Gosh golly, I remember Mum taking me to see this one matinee at the Odeon on Pond Street. ::sigh::

It's still insanely cold. The snow is crisp and frozen. I've been up since dawn...
and I took a few more pictures )And now I have to walk three miles to Penistone because we are out of milk and bread. That should be fun ::she sneered with the deepest possible sarcasm:: *g* Christmas cake and warm sloe gin when I return.

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So time for a festive meme. Some of it... ::scratches head in a Stan Laurel way:: Mostly, I think I should, perhaps, update my interests - lose the Rick! never, I say, never! and that one about the fanfic - that's never going to happen. But that last one. Oh yes. I am down with that majority ::winks theatrically::

Blagged from [ profile] vamysteryfan, My Resolutions are apparently... )
Get your own New Year's Resolutions:

So, reaching for the gin as we wind down to the end of this sorry-arse year, I hope I find you all in fine fettle with cold, wet noses and thick, glossy coats and all ready for whatever festivities you habitually indulge in on this arbitrarily chosen date on which we choose to end each twelve months of existence.

Meself - I shall probably get more than a bit squiffy before decimating remaining stocks of mince pies and cheesy nibbles in a massive deck-clearing exercise I shall call 'Operation Creosote'.

Heads-up for the UK-Sentinel-peeps! Risky Business is on BBC1 tonight, though I shall probably be watching Jools's Hootenanny while raising a glass of something powerful to you all as we count-down Big Ben's merry midnight chimes.

So, here's to 2009!, my lovelies. May it treat you all kindly and well. XXX
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Sir Terry of Pratchett! 

And what better way to start/end the year than to have Jarvis Cocker guest-edit the Today prog this morning? Most refreshing. And Shooting Stars last night! Ah, Vic and Mortimer (heh!) I've missed you!

...Just a fly-by post because I am insanely busy this last year-of-our Lord 2008 but I had to mention the above because it has thrilled me beyond thrills. Kay. Back to it. We shall, no doubt, speak later...

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So, I suppose I'd best add my chestnut to the fire. This year I wrote several thousand more words of Blue.


That's it.

I can't even post a link because it's a wip and it's in a closed com. ::shrug:: It is very very long ::she said defensively:: It should have been a bit longer today but instead of writing fic, as planned, spent much of my day capping Arthur of the Britons. I know. I'm sorry. I can't seem to help myself. I think I have a problem. I'll try to make this the last time I spam you but I'm only at the end of disc 1 (of 4) so I can offer no promises...

Cut because I know not everyone is enamoured of my odd little slashy obsessions but - oh! the pretty! )And I haven't even started on Brian Blessed. :o)

Right, well, I'd best go and put some dinner together for tis the Top Gear Vietnam special in an hour and I needs must be sat down and comfy  in front of a TV with a mince pie and a glass of sloe gin. I hope the season is bringing you all joy, my lovelies. ::sending kisses under the blazing advent crown*::

*Amusing reference for the aged.

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On DVD!!!

My head is exploding with delight. I must make caps and icon them immediately.

I hope you're all having a well groovy Crimbo my lovelies. Have some psychadelic., seventies kissin'  XXXXX

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The cleaning is all done (finally!) The house sparkles. The last minute shopping my sister sprung on me was all done by 9.20 this morning - most of the pressies are wrapped and ready, just a couple more things to do and some cards to write and it's all done. I'm just having a last glimpse at LJ before settling myself down in front of Scrooge with a giant glass of Bombay Sapphire and tonic and knocking off for the duration, so I'll say...


Whether you celebrate or not, I hope you all have perfect, peaceful, glorious days in whichever way pleases you best.

Much love to you all. XXX

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Gosh. That was a killer. ::wipes eyes, blows copious wet n runny snot into a series of tissues:: TMI? I half-heartedly apologise.

I have to somehow review it for Amazon now. What on earth will I say? It's blown me away.

We have to go back to Yorkshire for the duration today, and not a moment too soon since the fairy lights on the mantelpiece have just packed in, damn them. I'll be taking them down today anyway since we won't be back again before Twelfth Night and I have no desire to incur the ire of the Gods.

Mark wants to set off at ten since the roads will no doubt be horrific. I have a slew of things to do, in fact, before we depart, things I should be doing rather than sitting here, sipping a cooling mug of coffee, contemplating my filthy t shirt, but I think I shall sit here and ponder the mysteries over a fresh cup of coffee and maybe an oatcake for a little while longer.

ETA: Mark hath decreed that th'hour of eleven 'is early enough I think' and, since I've already stripped and changed the bed and packed m'bag; Mark's washed up there's little else to do so I'm back on my arse again, eating potato cakes (oatcakes have gone mouldy! :o), drinking juice and coffee (in separate receptacles, not mixed. That would be horrid) and perusing LJ (which is very quiet this morning. Where is everyone? Are you all holiday-busy or just hungover?

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Ah, I know, I should be scribblin at m'novel but I had to stop to watch Doctor Who: The Infinite Quest and never really got going again. Let's see if this glass of hot Ribena and rum will help...

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