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Oh, those Russians! Aren't they adorable? A shame about the pre-event publicity but there you go. If you will be shameless bigots, you must accept the consequences.

Lithuania - a bit so so; no strong emotions sparked by that. Graham Norton is being disappointingly restrained so far. I hope he gets a few drinks down his neck soon and livens up a tad.

Israel... Is every bugger singing in English tonight? There used to be a rule. OK, admirable sentiments but the song was a wee bit so so. Hmmm. It's all very low key tonight. Who's up next? OK...

And it's time for a cut )

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And I have a list of Tasks Which Must Be Completed that's as long as a gibbon's arm. ::sigh:: Mostly tedious domestic-type stuff which I will not bore you with but also a chapter of fic to be completed and a chapter of my book for it has been decided, oh yea and verily, that when the bulk of the novel is completed (next week) and Blue is completed (next week? All digits entangled) I am TAKING THE BANK HOLIDAY WEEKEND OFF.

Yes, you heard me. No fic, no novel, no pesky laundry/gardening/cleaning/shopping.3 days in which I expect to be eating too much, drinking plenty, sitting around, watching stuff, reading stuff and be rarely be out of pyjamas. I may be hanging with a fangirl during that time, there is a strong possibility. ::nods::

Anyway, people, it's EUROVISION! tonight, which, as you know is always a highlight of my year. Alas Ireland are already out (Ireland, whaapen?!) as are Serbia! shock horror! A shame, I rather liked that one. ;o)  I mean, what the merry **** is going on here?  

The UK entry is distressingly mundane but hey ho the nonny, I shall be waving my metaphorical little flag all the same as Graham Norton take the reins from the immortal Wogan, a night to remember indeed. I have the wine, I have the olives - I shall be here of course, with my customary live! commentary from 8pm on, should anyone wish to join me in a drunken orgy of snark the Big Eurovision Music-Fest! The beer will flow like wine. There may be balloons. New voting this year of course, that'll be interesting. *g* - I am dying to see the Russian compares and the mid-votes show. And Graham bloody Norton! The bitching is going to be immense!

I rather fancy Spain myself. It won't win of course, but I'll bet it does better than the UK. ;o)

It's the weekend, m'lovelies. Drink responsibly.

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Are we all met? Wine and olives at the ready...

Here we go!

Eurovision YAY!

And already we're into the realms of the extremely weird. What is with the bridal bird? Oops, now it's gone all tranny and... urm...

Browsing my flist (I've not been able to log on since my walk), taking my eye off the ball I hear 'top male models' and suddenly my interest is piqued and... I think maybe I should now go behind a cut since this thing is four hours long.

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Tonight, of course, live from Helsinki. I haven't watched the previews so I'm going in blind here, though hoping for good things from Finland again this year after the magnificent Lordi won it against all the odds last time, but I gather a lot of the best stuff has already been eliminated in the semis in the usual round of partisan voting we've come to expect from Eurovison these days.

Terry Wogan will make it unmissable, as always, but I am starting to tire of the contest itself. It's way, way too big now and the voting's a joke with all of Eastern Europe and the Baltic states forming a self-congratulatory bloc that's made a mockery of the notion that this is a song contest.

I really think the time has come to divide Europe in two, let the Eastern Bloc have its own contest and the rest of us can get back to the glory days when countries like Monaco  would win regularly. I mean Ireland, for god's sake, which won year after year, hardly makes it through the semis now (and, franlkly  when you need to hold a semi-final, there are too many countries competing!). The UK and Germany always get in by default merely because, between us, we're bankroling the darn thing. And the 'new' countries all take it way too seriously for my liking.

Ah, how I ache for Katie Boyle; "La Norge, nul points." That was your catchphrase...

I think my favourite Eurovision song is still  Tu te reconnaĆ®tras... sung by Anne Marie David which won in '73. Luxembourg, douze points.(o:  Closely followed by Monaco's 1971 winner; 'Un banc, un arbre, une rue'  Will there be anything half so good on show tonight? I doubt it ::sigh::

So what's your favourite, Oh Estimable Flist? - Go check out You Tube; it's incredible, they're all up there!
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