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After an action packed week. Drove over to alibongo's last Friday; down to Newport to see Richard (aka The Godly One) play golf in the wee small hours of Saturday (was it really only a week ago?? O:); back to Ali's Monday, up to Mum and Dad's Tuesday. I just got back home an hour ago after a miserable drive across the Pennines; the M62 was just hell on wheels, darlings; lashing wind, rain and spray so thick we couldn't see the next car in front. But home safe now, thank goodness; all smiley and warm; sitting with a cup of Yogi Licorice tea and a buttered oatcake.

To celebrate my safe arrival home and the continuation of my life, I shall do a meme.
Blaired from almost everyone, tho I think, maybe, luicat was last in the chain...

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To[profile] alibongo for a wonderful weekend of joy and loveliness. (o:

I hope [personal profile] chriselora55, Roberto and Timmy, [personal profile] fluterbev, [personal profile] fingers[personal profile] justmej, [personal profile] luicat, and [personal profile] suemc, all got home safe. Thanks for the squee!

And Happy Birthday, Fluterbev! May your day be filled with rainbows and roses ::G::
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...Is [profile] alibongo's birthday (Chuck Burgi's too!) and she's planning a nice fannish get-together at her lovely cat-filled home near Newark, Nottingham. So, if you'd like to participate in a weekend of eating, drinking and glorious fangirl squee! - please let us know.

BTW - The reason I'm pitching this and not the lovely Ali herself, is that she's so incredibly tied up with work she's hardly making it online at all, so I said I'd help out - just in case anyone was wondering
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I'm dealing with my some RL angst this morning. It's my partner's 50th birthday. Not even the complete Father Ted boxset has made a happy bunny of this boy. :sigh:
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Pouring out of the sky, coming out of the ground; springs burble, becks roar, paths have turned into rivers, rivers into raging torrents and the waterfall's gone mental! Walking in the woods is a slippery and squelchy experience. Cutting across the rocks at the top of the gorge, yesterday, was distinctly hair-raising (and made me instantly think of a Blair-fic for some reason. It's cold, it's wet, we're alone in the woods, far from the beaten path - someone slips and falls... Hmmmm. Why do you think THAT made me think of Blair? :Thinks: :D).

OK. I live in the Atlantic North West. It's always on the damp side, but this is exceptional. This is uber-wet. This is gold medal winning moist. This is as wet as it was when Mr Cold-n-Wet-is-My-World won the Mr Raindrop, I Am the God of Rain and Raindancer of the Year competitions, all in the space of one week.This is wet, even for Lancashire.

It's the wettest May since 1983, apparently. And sub-tropically warm; quite stifling outside. At a time of year when nature is wont to be green and lush and lovely, anyway, it's quite extraordinary. If I manage to get out sometime today, I'll try and do some piccies and - assuming I don't plunge to my death in the attempt - try and post them later.
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Once again, Doctor Who made me cry actual real tears! O:! Oh Lord above - that was... that's left me drained. Thank God for beer is all I can say.

That had to be the best ever... Except..

Just one tiny gripelet. When the Doc opened the Tardis door, you could see stuff inside. That's not right, though, is it? Surely, the 'door' to the Tardis is actually an interface between dimensions, not an actual door. All you should see inside is - black; nothingness. Sorry if I'm being a bit of an anorak, but, I think we need to get these things right. :G:

Anyroadoop; gotta cook dinner before Eurovision :VBG:

OOOH! I just switched over from DW Confidential to watch Eurovision, and a load of protesters have invaded the Lottery studio O:! Heh heh. I love when that happens. What? No, purple powder condoms...? But I love it when they throw condoms! :giggle:

NB: For Future reference...
This thread has turned into a running critique of the 2006 Eurovision Song Contest. Not sure how, but, hey - who's complaining? Not me! :G:
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A picture of the gorge - it was a dull day, so not as purty as it could be... a waterfall flows over here, but you can't get a good shot of it unless you climb down and stand in the river, which I wasn't really in the mood to do. Anyway, last time I did that, the rocks were really slippery and I ended up getting an impromptu bath :G:

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I did some pictures around the village yesterday; it wasn't a very good day for it, tbh... hazy, hot, humid; a storm in the air that broke last night - today's dawned dark and wet but hey ho.... It/they (when I can get it to get it to load more than one piccie at a time :G:) should give you some idea of the gorgeous spring we're having.

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...He say, all our Victorian drains have been smashed to smithereens by tree roots and our garden must be dug up to lay new ones at a cost of many hundreds of our English Pounds.

Literally!!! Bwahahahahaha!

Oh, it's INSURED! It's not the end of the world but - my garden!!! Though he assures us we won't catch Cholera in the meantime, which is a comfort. :G:
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