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2010-06-28 10:32 am

A salutary reminder.

Yes, my fellow Brits, we are very crap at footie, but who cares about that when we live on what is possibly (still) the coolest lump of stone on this planet? Oh yes, my babies, for we have Time Lords and they rock!

We also have NEW! Top Gear and Reliant Robins! Oh good gracious me, I thought I was going to die, if not of suffocation then the massive haemorrhaging caused by the lolz - And new IT Crowd! and Rev starting tonight. It is, indeed, good to be alive. If only it would rain, just a bit (I know, I know, I'm never satisfied, me but my rain barrel is down to its last smelly dregs and there's only so much you can do with a watering can and a bit of leaky hose that was bought in 1972).

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2010-06-23 08:16 am
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Last night...

I had a moth trapped in my bath.

Srzly. I had to help it out with a glass and an envelope. Does no one manufacture a ladder for such emergencies?

IT Crowd people will understand.
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2010-06-14 04:38 pm
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Any chance of getting myself buried in a glacier

for the next eleven days? For how else will I pass the time before the new series of the IT Crowd starts on June 25th?

Yes, I am absurdly excited ::see icon:: (that's my excited face)

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2009-07-24 10:02 am
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2008-12-19 10:11 pm
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It actually goes to a holding page on the Reynholm Industries site. How brilliant is that? And what does it say about me that I knew that 30 secs after the show started? Ah ha ha ha.
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2008-11-28 10:31 pm
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Massive IT Crowd slash-potential squee!

::is somewhat disturbed yet everso slightly turned on:: 

Is this wrong? Am I a bad person?