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2010-07-14 04:23 pm
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My Life, my LJ (and other animals)

My LJ, like my life, has just had a severe pruning. If you're reading this, you haven't been removed, no need to comment (unless you want to be removed, of course (:).

If you've been snipped, honestly, it's nothing personal, we've likely grown apart in interests and whathaveyou, maybe you've dropped away from LJ too? Maybe you never friended me back (I do think LJ should be a dialogue and not just me jabbering away to myself like a loon). Whatever the case, if I've 'unfriended' you (what a horrible way that is to put it) and you wanted to stay, please, by all means comment or pm me, I'll be more than happy to add you back.

I have been a tad quiet of late, my laptop's power failed a couple of weeks ago, I was without t'internet for ten days and in that time, I rediscovered Real Life and all its joys and I have to say, far from being the trial I feared, it was actually rather lovely. :) Now I'm back I'm finding myself much less inclined to be constantly online.

My fannish interests are very much on the wane, I'm reading very little fic these days and bar one, still-outstanding story, I don't anticipate writing any more of my own. I doubt if I'll be commenting as much as before, either and - I'm telling y'all this in case you feel I'm too dreary company these days and feel you want to remove me. I do totally understand if that's so, so please feel free and absolutely no offence taken.

So, if in the light of all the above, you're still here and want to be, or you've been pruned and happy to be so, there's no need to comment. If, on the other hand, I've done something you're not happy about, just let me know and I'll rectify the situation.

In the meantime, permission to blow kisses? I may have gone a bit quiet but I do still love you all, you know.
♥ ♥ ♥
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2010-04-29 07:35 pm

Returned from a day in Liverpool

Laden with goodies from Matta's in Bold Street, also a brown turkey fig for the garden, some damn good wine, acquired (cough) Michael Wood (In Search of Shakespeare) on our telly and my copy of Doc2 DVD The Invasion (with added Lethbridge-Stewart!) has arrived.

Can a person's cup runneth with more joy than this? Well, yeas, probably. I mean, I could win the £51 mill on  the Euro-lottery. any number of wonderful things might happen but for now, I am content. This is uncommon enough to be worthy of a post. ::nods thoughtfully::

PS: There are an awful lot of Spaniards dressed in red and white and flags proclaiming allegiance to something called 'Atlético' wandering the streets of my former home city. Is there, perchance, a match on...?
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2010-04-16 09:50 am
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Word cloud

Interesting word cloud of last night's debate.

I've been up since 5.30am and done nothing but fanny about on t'internet. Getting the car serviced yesterday must have been even more taxing than I imagined. ;o) But hey ho the nonny, I really must go and clean the house now. I really must. I'm doing it. I am. I'm moving now. Honestly.

LJ's being a right old bitch about posting again. She seems to get glitchier and glitchier by the day.
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2010-04-01 12:11 pm

Let lovely, smiley Brian Cox

Take you on a gorgeous ride across the Wonders of the f****** Solar System.  A delicious spoof , amusingly sweary and just the thing for April Fool's.

Giggle a bit and buck up, my lovelies, just one more day till the weekend, a massively extended Easter! weekend no less with  warm, buttered hot cross buns and simnel cake and unfeasable quantities of chocolate and new! Doctor Who and Jonathan Creek with Paul McGann!!!

Let us don our sightly-too-small laughing trousers and the comfy, stain'ed underpants of manifold-delights, cock a merry snook at the wind and the snow, ring out the bells and sing hosanna for the potential for joy be mighty indeed. ::nods wisely::

In short, yes, I have had something of a trying week but I am drawing a veil and contemplating a weekend of chocolate, resolving to be glad and - where have the location and music boxes gone* and why is it sunny and snowing at the same time?

*They're back! And I just had a go at that tempting little 'detect' facility and it says I'm in London. How amusingly eccentric is LJ? Answer, very.
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2010-03-07 02:04 pm
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Passing it on

From Jason Arnopp via Twitter:

Muswell Hill, chewing gum art, turning the yuk into the astonishing.
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2010-02-24 09:45 am

There is no snow.

Plenty fell in the night, we were getting a proper frightening few inches building up out there when we went off to bed but it's pretty much all melted overnight which is - good, isn't it? When we need to go out tomorrow and the coalman's due and only a day's worth of fuel left in the bunker. So why do I feel so let down by the absence of the tedious cold stuff? What a complex, contrary and thoroughly precious little snowflake I am.

So, we are home (kneels and kisses slightly threadbare Persian rug)! The house is still decidedly chilly but the Aga's lit and after a pleasing log fire last night, warming slowly (though I'm still in my thermals).It's 9.30 and I'm still in my pjs, trying to gear myself up to the rigours of the day but getting the usual first-day-home, post-Dad crash in which I sit on the sofa and stare at the wall and/or ITV4 till teatime.

Hey ho, I must move myself and shower and make the bed and write something, there are novels and TS Fics of Teh Most MASSIVE! Angst to be written, not to mention Real Work (of the sort that pays the bills) to be accomplished.

Maybe mor coffee will help? It has achieved exactly nothing so far this icy morning but I feel it's worth a try. ::nods::
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2010-02-01 12:11 pm
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Ed Reardon's Week.

Methinks (heh) it is the best thing on Radio 4 by far right now. A thing of beauty indeed.

Well, I'm mid-workout and still have a bathroom and 2 bedrooms to clean. Been to the shops and the bank though, replenished supplies of Winter Nips and dried milk. Dear God. It's all go, isn't it?
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2010-01-19 11:39 am
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Oooh. Man. Wow!

Do these icy dunes on Mars look like weird alien lady parts - Or is it just me? :o)

Groovy and extreme and insanely bizarre!

I am not, for once, attempting to avoid work, in case you were wondering. We are having some strange, magical new set-up affixed to our televisual receiving apparatus today, something with vast hanger-loads of storage and internetly viewing and - oh, everything! Ask Mark, he'll tell you all about it. I am just moving what I'm asked to move and sitting quietly while Mark manipulates the wireage and doing as I'm told.

It is, however, hard to get anything else done in the meantime. I am an artiste, people! I cannot work in these conditions.
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2010-01-08 10:33 am

Still in Yorkshire

We spent the day twittering with Chorley (bloody) council yesterday - we and many others - demanding to know when they were going to grit our village to which the answer was -we're not. Withnell and Brinscall lie high in the hills, you've got to go uphill (or down, as the case may be) in any direction to get in and out and, since Thurlstone is likewise ice and snow bound (despite the ploughs and gritters who arrived in force yesterday), I guess we're going nowhere.

It makes no sense to leave a warm and cosy house and risk life and limb on motorways and Pennine roads to get to an ice box of a cottage that it'll take us 3 days to warm up (and no idea how much wood and coal is left and I doubt very much if deliveries will make it up our hill anymore than we will).

So, like the man on tthe Guinness ad, we wait. I'm only mildly worried about our house, we're well lagged so not anticipating burst pipes, I have parcels arriving - they can be collected but Oh Dear God I want to be home in my own space!!!

Mark's just set off to walk to Penistone. He spent 2 hours yesterday trying to dig us out  - with the rest of the street, there's quite the wartime spirit in the village. :o) - with little success; despite the snow ploughs and rampant gritting yesterday, it's the ice that's the problem, rather than the snow. I'm not sure what he'll find up there, the shops have been emptying steadily with panic-buying and scant deliveries (we got on Look North because of it! ::does excited little shimmy:: - well, no, not really. Look North does not excitement make.) - on Wednesday they were rationing us to a loaf a head. Thank goodness for my sister's bulk buying tendencies and leftover Christmas alcohol.

I myself am going nowhere. I seem to have developed an inner-ear problem with mild dizzyness; went arse-over-tit twice yesterday so no snowy trekking for me. Oh dear. What a shame. Never mind.

Have some pictures while we wait for the thaw )
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2009-12-23 10:27 am


I've just called the sister. It appears an Asda van has been sighted in the lane this morning, this augers well for gritted hills and shifted-drifts and we've decided to go. Gotta go soon, too, if we want to be there before it goes dark so - a quick tidy and hoover of the old homestead, chivvy Basement Cat  from his perch by the Aga and send him on his way home (his own home, where he actually lives some of the time), make flasks of hot tea and be on our way.

So, all of you, do please -

Have a marvellous Christmas all and a simply super New Year.

I mean, if I'm spared, I'll doubtless be around, from this evening on aamof so I don;t know why I'm sending out the greetings now, tbh but there you go.

::a figure, shrouded in hats, scarves and coats waves wildly midst the snow:: See you on the other side. XXX
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2009-12-21 08:04 pm
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Snow outside...

sloe gin inside (me). Having nowhere else to go, I find both equally agreeable.
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2009-12-03 10:44 am
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I was just about to head off to the PO to post a shiny set of new subs to agencies when I see our pale cream curtains are COVERED (and I do not exaggerate) in oily black stripes - seems Mark filled the coal bucket this morning then decided to draw the curtains without bothering to wash his hands.

Took them down, in fairly evil mood it has to be said, stropped off to wash them, opened the washing machine and gallons of smelly black water cascaded out like bleedin' Niagara Falls.

Got rid of Basement the neighbour's cat anyway, resting his bones by the Aga, he was, when the water descended. Gosh he can move when he needs to. ::smiles sweetly::

We've just been mopping up, that took a while. :o) Rassillon knows what's happened or whether it's damaged the bloody machine - there's always been a problem with the drains here, so now we have the plumbers to deal with on top of the coalman and I can't wash the curtains and my day has descended into its accustomed chaos and it's all a bit of a mess, really.

So, how's your day been so far my darling, delicious love-kittens? ::flutter of eyelashes, saintly expression::
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2009-11-24 12:41 pm
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Oh dear.

Have I really just wasted almost an hour reading the batshit comment on this article (warning! Contains Sarah Palin)? Almost worth it to read this from an old, wise soul who dubs him/herself Anduin:

Don't you love the sock puppet invasion that took place as soon as this was published?


Ah me oh my. But I must leave off such passive pleasures and press on with my day for there is a synopsis to write, submissions to post, sloes to be gathered and a blood test to be gone through - oh, the excitement, it burns.

Or maybe not. How about the excitement 'toasts lightly'? Has been waved briefly across a candle flame? Was brought within sniffing distance of a neighbour's brazier?

Sadly, probably not even the last. ::twists toe, looks slightly sad::
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2009-11-23 12:51 pm

I am, therefore I post.

Only I don't, not very much these days. Alas, the life of the gilly is a rather dreary and uneventful place of late and it seems a waste of everyone's time to be posting nonsense about nothing. I haven't even twittered in an age.

I still live, is, I suppose, the message of this pointless post, that and my old friend prevarication...

I'm still (yeah) waiting for news on the novel from th'Agent. I sent him a terribly gently worded prod a few weeks ago to which he responded that he still hadn't had time to finish it. It's getting on for 10 weeks since I sent him the full ms and I've run out of patience so I'm sending it off to some more agencies, which means I now have to produce a proper submission including the dread 'one page synopsis'.

Boiling a 548 page novel down to a single page is something of a bugger. I currently have it at 19 pages - hence this post. Anything (anything!!!) rather than go back to the ceremonial brain-boiling that is that bloody (bloody!) synopsis.

But such is life.

I'm working on a second novel at the moment, should anyone give a monkeys, a sequel to the last. I've prevaricated nicely on that one, too (see the shiny icon!) - and there's fic, too. [ profile] fluterbev and I have been communing, work is ongoing, we're working to finish Decimated by Christmas but life may well get in the way of our well-crafted plans so I can promise nothing.

Urm. I think that's it, really. It's awfully dark and dreary outside. My coffee's going cold. I should get back to work. I hope life is being a perfect poppet for you all. ::making the kissy face:: XXX
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2009-11-03 03:09 pm
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Pausing for a TS Moment.

So I'm watching 'Life' while I eats me lunch and spot Amber and Naomi; almost made me spurt soup. Gave me quite the warm glow of nostalgia.

Arr but tis a dark and gloomy day today,shipmates. Stay warm and dry.

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2009-11-01 10:39 pm
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Why yes, I am still alive, thanks...

...winding down, thinking about going up to bed, watching that Fleetwood Mac thing on BBC2 and thinking about Tony Harrison's bold demand:

"Tusk," in its entirety, with the pauses as Lindsay Buckingham intended! Watch the room crumble at the aura of the H-Man!

So, I'm alright. You alright?

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2009-10-17 03:00 pm

I really feel I should make a post

I don't seem to do that very often these days but, good people, I honestly have nothing to say!

Re Entanglement: I'm still waiting on the first agent, I'm told that nothing happens during Frankfurt so I'm giving him another week before I'll proffer up a gentle email prod. I am firmly of the opinion that waiting on decisions entirely out of your control is, to paraphrase the immortal Baldrick, a horrid thing.

While I wait, I've started work on a new story - I had 2 going for ages but finally settled on the Entanglement sequel (sorry [personal profile] mrs_tilford !) because the voices told me I had to various blogs seem to be firmly of the opinion that being able to offer sequels greatly ups your chances of publishing and who am I to argue with various blogs?

Anyway, that's all up and running and a very dark tale it's shaping up to be. Very dark indeed (cue the obligatory evil laugh). I actually did some solid, concerted work on that today - progress has been seen to be made. I am not displeased.

Fannish life - is non existent, really. There's nothing new and the old has lost its shine and that part of my life languishes in dusty, cobwebbed neglect. LJ likewise seems quiet as an old, forgotten grave. I don't know if everyone's lost their mojo too, or if you're all lurking in New Fannish Lands in the parts of LJ where I never tread but it's been dead as a rusty shovel round here lately. I've had to turn to Twiter for kicks, people, that can't be right.

I shall throw out some spangled, golden kisses and chocolate-coated delights anyway, for old time's sake. Use them wisely, I shall be testing you on them later. XXX

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2009-10-14 02:01 pm
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Bless my tail and whiskers!

Remember we had a power cut last week?

This is why.

In other news: 2 day's old cold curry; ambrosial! So much nicer than the freshly made item!

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2009-10-10 06:56 pm
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Have I been sent back to 1973

...and not noticed? First a lengthy power cut in Thurlstone a few days ago and now we're in the midst of one in Withnell.

Did something happen and no one told me?

So, we're sitting here by candlelight, eating baked potatoes, sipping fine wines*, at least I have t'internet till my battery or the UPS dies, listening to Loose Ends and there was nowt on TV to miss. At least we have an Aga, we can has tea. It could be worse.

*Aldi's 'Australian Red', from a box.
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2009-10-09 02:46 pm

Happy Che Guevara Day!

We are home! 

The sun is shining, but it's October so it's on the nippy side and we've lit the stove which means oven baked potatoes for supper! I have a mug of hot Ribena, skies are blue, the woods are looking gorgeous, life is good.

Mark has been streaming Radio Rebelde in the car, live from Cuba via the iphone which was - squeeful and exciting for about fifteen minutes; live news on parade-preps from Santiago and Santa Clara did lose novelty value rather quickly. With Cuban Radio in general (and Rebelde in particular) enough really is quite as good as a feast, rather more than enough to be entirely honest, but a happy Che-Day to you all, should you be celebrating today. *g*

Hamish update: wee doggie is still not himself but very much on the mend, though blood tests have shown a slightly reduced liver capacity. The new diet is on hold and he's condemned to eat chicken and (Tilda organic Basmati) rice for the next several days by order of the vet, poor lamb. Thanks so much for all your good wishes which I'll endeavour to answer asap.

Such a year for sloes! I picked a pound in no time at all yesterday, got scratched to pieces but there will be sloe gin again this Christmas, oh yes indeedy! It's been 3 years since we had a decent sloe harvest and I've missed my gin, deed I have.

Yesterday was my sister's birthday. Amongst other things we gave her the Help! DVD, fine wines and even finer chocs and was pleased to see her so delighted. She's a bugger of a time of it lately, she doesn't deserve it. I hope Dad gives her some peace this weekend so she can enjoy her various delights.

Also happy birthday John Lennon. You would have been 69 today, bless your heart.

And Barak Obama, WTF?!