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2010-08-04 08:04 pm
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Such larks pip!

OK my babies, I appreciate I've been a tad quiet of late, I'm working on my comeback, but in the meantime, might I invite you to partake in jollies and frolicks in the form of a stolen meme, quietly lifted from the silken pocket of that well-known dockside doxie, [ profile] frayen (like the filthy footpad, born-to-be-hanged that I am).

In this post, talk with your icons, and only your icons. Post early, post often, and respond to whomever you want. Just leave a dot or a dash in the comment field if LJ tells you you can't post a blank comment.

In other news: I'm watching Dan Cruicksank on BBC4 and yet, am still bored! There really is no pleasing me at all.
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2010-07-14 04:23 pm
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My Life, my LJ (and other animals)

My LJ, like my life, has just had a severe pruning. If you're reading this, you haven't been removed, no need to comment (unless you want to be removed, of course (:).

If you've been snipped, honestly, it's nothing personal, we've likely grown apart in interests and whathaveyou, maybe you've dropped away from LJ too? Maybe you never friended me back (I do think LJ should be a dialogue and not just me jabbering away to myself like a loon). Whatever the case, if I've 'unfriended' you (what a horrible way that is to put it) and you wanted to stay, please, by all means comment or pm me, I'll be more than happy to add you back.

I have been a tad quiet of late, my laptop's power failed a couple of weeks ago, I was without t'internet for ten days and in that time, I rediscovered Real Life and all its joys and I have to say, far from being the trial I feared, it was actually rather lovely. :) Now I'm back I'm finding myself much less inclined to be constantly online.

My fannish interests are very much on the wane, I'm reading very little fic these days and bar one, still-outstanding story, I don't anticipate writing any more of my own. I doubt if I'll be commenting as much as before, either and - I'm telling y'all this in case you feel I'm too dreary company these days and feel you want to remove me. I do totally understand if that's so, so please feel free and absolutely no offence taken.

So, if in the light of all the above, you're still here and want to be, or you've been pruned and happy to be so, there's no need to comment. If, on the other hand, I've done something you're not happy about, just let me know and I'll rectify the situation.

In the meantime, permission to blow kisses? I may have gone a bit quiet but I do still love you all, you know.
♥ ♥ ♥
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2010-05-07 06:20 pm
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2010-01-14 05:36 pm
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Bleedin LJ

Every post I make, it rubs most of it out. Anyone else having trouble?
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2010-01-01 01:44 pm

So, 2009, aka, Epic Post is Epic.

My Year in retrospect, by gillyp, aged.

Fandom and Fic )Writing )

Reading )Reading )
In general: Life has been a bit rough at times. We’re still doing one week home, one week at Dad’s which is stressful and tiring. Dad is exactly as he was, some days up, some days down (some days very down indeed), it’s become routine really, a bit bothersome. I have to keep reminding myself that in many respects, I have a life that’s pretty good, that many might envy. OK, a bit (very! Oh so very...)  uneventful and dull, but far from arduous and relatively free of pain. I do keep reminding myself of that (but if the Gods are listening, a little more excitement – of the nicer sort - really wouldn’t go amiss in 2010)

So to round off 2009, I’m going to do that first-post, last-post LJ meme and say, have a marvellous 2010 everyone, I think we all deserve a break. Much love to you all, thank you so much, every one of you, for the laughs and the love and for keeping me sane.


My Year on LJ )
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2009-12-07 05:55 pm
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Ooh. Gosh!

I appear to have acquired a brace of snowflakes. I know not what this signifies but thank you, [ profile] krossero and [ profile] audrarose - and now [ profile] slipperieslope too - bless you all for your kindness. XXX

LJ is really tossing about still, isn't it?
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2009-10-17 03:00 pm

I really feel I should make a post

I don't seem to do that very often these days but, good people, I honestly have nothing to say!

Re Entanglement: I'm still waiting on the first agent, I'm told that nothing happens during Frankfurt so I'm giving him another week before I'll proffer up a gentle email prod. I am firmly of the opinion that waiting on decisions entirely out of your control is, to paraphrase the immortal Baldrick, a horrid thing.

While I wait, I've started work on a new story - I had 2 going for ages but finally settled on the Entanglement sequel (sorry [personal profile] mrs_tilford !) because the voices told me I had to various blogs seem to be firmly of the opinion that being able to offer sequels greatly ups your chances of publishing and who am I to argue with various blogs?

Anyway, that's all up and running and a very dark tale it's shaping up to be. Very dark indeed (cue the obligatory evil laugh). I actually did some solid, concerted work on that today - progress has been seen to be made. I am not displeased.

Fannish life - is non existent, really. There's nothing new and the old has lost its shine and that part of my life languishes in dusty, cobwebbed neglect. LJ likewise seems quiet as an old, forgotten grave. I don't know if everyone's lost their mojo too, or if you're all lurking in New Fannish Lands in the parts of LJ where I never tread but it's been dead as a rusty shovel round here lately. I've had to turn to Twiter for kicks, people, that can't be right.

I shall throw out some spangled, golden kisses and chocolate-coated delights anyway, for old time's sake. Use them wisely, I shall be testing you on them later. XXX

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2009-08-07 12:44 pm
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2009-05-15 07:33 pm
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Entitlement Issues

Of interest to all those amongst us who like to post a WIP.

Neil Gaiman takes on fans harassing fantasy author George RR Martin ([ profile] grrm ) for being slow to update his story. As Neil points out, "George R.R. Martin is not your bitch... George R. R. Martin is not working for you."

Once again NG proves himself hand-crafted of pure and unadulterated awesome.

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2009-04-27 08:27 am
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Having a brief look at Dreamwidth and...

Bleedin' Nora that seems pretty expensive. I already pay for LJ, I really can't stretch to that as well, its going to have to be either/or for me.

Suppose that means I'm not going anywhere regardless, then. Hey ho. It passed an idle 20 mins.
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2009-04-25 09:01 am
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It's been awfully quiet here

these past few days.

Whaapen? Is it that the sun came out or did everyone suddenly get a life? :o)
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2009-04-16 11:02 am
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An email informs me it's LJ's birthday

And lawks a lawdy, by unusual coincidence I see my own LJing began three years ago tomorrow. I must write a letter to The Times about this immediately.

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2009-04-13 10:06 pm
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Gosh, it's been quiet here today

What's up m'posse? All watching bad holiday telly and stuffing yourselves with chocolate? I've had to turn to wine to appease the Gods of Boredom. ::whistles. inspects fingernails::
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2009-03-13 08:29 pm
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Praise all the Gods and Sing Hosannah!

If you, like me, love the Twitter but loathe the current fashion for peppering LJ with tweets, you, like me, can remove them 'neath a cut so they disappear from your flist like the merry mists of morn...
Come hithe and hear words of wisdom. )

With thanks to [ profile] fingers and the clever, blessed Moss-like person who weaved their magic code over my LJ. Bless you all to Nirvana and back. XXX

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2009-03-02 11:42 am
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To illustrate my herdlike properties...

here's that 'LJ' meme that everyone's doing.

So, gillyp, your LiveJournal reveals...


You are... 5% unique (blame, for example, your interest in top queer) and 8% herdlike (partly because you, like everyone else, enjoy writing). When it comes to friends you are popular. In terms of the way you relate to people, you are keen to please. Your writing style (based on a recent public entry) is conventional.

Your overall weirdness is: 40

(The average level of weirdness is: 29.
You are weirder than 79% of other LJers.)

Find out what your weirdness level is!

I'm fascinated that it picks out Top Queer as an example of my weirdness, quietly glossing over my avowed interest in the Zombie Piers Morgan. ::stares into middle distance. strokes chin::

And my sister has booked her doctor's appointment to clash with my book group again. Third time in a row. No book group for me. My copy of Jonathan Strange and Mr Norrell has arrived. My, that's a BIG book.
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2009-02-26 06:02 pm
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I've changed my theme!

First time in almost 3 years of LJing.

OMG! Scary! *G*
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2009-02-23 10:57 am
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I was only mucking about over le coffee- break!

Honestly, Officer! Just Curious, like, you know? But it took so bloody long to do, I suppose I'd better post it after all.

Sorry. I swear I wasn't going to inflict this on you all (because there's so bloody many of you) but here you go. This is my Flist!

See, see the pretty! )

Using this Naboo icon because I never do (yet cannot bring myself to ditch it for something more useful).

Forgot to say, blagged from [ profile] sallymn 
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2009-02-17 02:37 pm
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Oh poo

I should be working. Instead I am fannying around on LJ and t'internet generally. It's 2.38pm and I have done nowt.

Mustdosomework. Mustdosomework.

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2009-02-17 11:46 am
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Something of an unfriending amnesty.

I’ve been musing a lot on fandom of late – what it used to mean and what it means now. I’ve spent time over the weekend, talking about it with another old fandom-friend who feels much the same and think the time has come for me to bare my breast and bottom to the snowy wastes and admit that  my fandom glory days are probably past.

Bearing the Breast, or - A Former Fangirl Confesses )

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2009-02-09 11:12 am
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