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...taking a short break, I flip on Channel 4 and the afternoon film, Warlords of Atlantis where I find Michael Gothard! in a blonde wig and gorgeous silver frock, very Mary Quant.There's an awful lot of bronzed male thigh on show all over aamof, silvery Stig-like helmits and rubber sea-monsters and James Onedin! and Doug McClure!  Yea verily, the stupid is stupid and everything is very poor indeed and yet, I cannot look away!

Highly recommended.

But I must get back to my scrubbing, these cushions won't poof themselves.
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the simply ENORMOUS wank-fest going on over at NBC quite as much as I am? 

INFO (For the British portion of my flist): the issue is basically over who is the bigger star - the current presenter of the Tonight Show (the delightful Conan O Brien who is pure comedy gold and the reason I 'acquire' the Tonight Show on a daily basis) and the former presenter of the Tonight Show, Jay Leno (used to be OK but well past his sell-by IM oh so HO - not to mention poor Jimmy Fallon who is piggie in the middle and getting getting totally shafted). Honestly people, even if you don't watch the shows or know the personalitites involved, go google because this is a glorious wank-storm of the purest kind with both sides bitching at each other on national TV, bwahahahaha!

Believe me, it's FANDOM WANK being played out on a massive stage and I'm loving it (and so is Ricky Gervais if Wednesday's show was anything to go by). Even Larry Saunders never came close to anything half so good.

If you love wank, you'll love this. ::makes shooing gestures. waves Conan-supporter flag::
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The Culture Show's interview with John Lydon - it's repeated at 10pm on Jan. 10th, BBC4.

Lydon's a bona fide genius and this is a bloody brilliant interview. ::nods confidently::
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And can't believe no one's mentioned Dan Castellaneta, flying the plane!

Homer bloody Simpson!

Well, that's my evening made. But I'm a simple soul, it doesn't take much

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Awkward, Northern and a cunt.

Alan Bennett, almost perfect. Humanity just doesn't get any better, really.
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...called 55brianb has uploaded a load of trade test transmission films to You Tube (yes, I'm still on You Tube). Remember those, children? They used to show them during the day on BBC2 back when there hardly any daytime TV at all. They include Light, which my sister and I still quote (how beautiful you are on the retina of my eye...! heh) and my own favourite, the magnificent Paint.

I remember them so well. I've been watching them all day! I know, I be bad but I'm a grown up now, I can do what I want. *g*
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Then follow me to You Tube! Yes, you know you're very old and probably terribly sad when you've spent all Sunday morning watching this

and this!


and (omg!) THIS! Continuity clock squee!

and this - of more regionally restricted interest but (OMG!) made me almost wee myself with teh joy!)

and this is particularly awesome, parts 2 and 3 especially with A Whole Scene Going, Dee Time and Late Night Line Up - absolute gold, my fellow children of the sixties.

Ah. I feel giddy. I need a cup of tea and a nice sit down now.
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it's Alan Bennett Night tonight on BBC2, and HIGMNFY and The Thick of It.

This is excellent news, this almost makes up for the fact that I shall have to go into the icy garden in a moment to lift and shift a wild cherry tree.
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John Lydon on The One Show! And PiL are touring again? How have I only just found out about this?!
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But the news that Buster has died has upset me more than words can say.
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