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I’ll be taking the Temple website down on January 8th 2009.

There’s a combination of factors involved; I won’t bore you with all my reasons- the ever-increasing cost, which the current exchange rate has massively exacerbated, is the precipitating factor but it’s not just about money - the £££ isn't even the main reason, tbh; it’s also about the time and the hassle and just the sheer grief that running this website has been bringing me lately.

I used to get great joy from the Temple but it’s been dying a slow and painful death for some time; the only part that gets any traffic now is the downloads page and - I know a lot of people use and value the downloads but they are the most problematic, troublesome, frustrating and expensive part of the site. I’m looking into moving them to pastures new; a couple of people have kindly offered to look into taking them on and I’m hoping we can work something out so they can remain available. In the meantime, I would strongly suggest that anyone who uses the downloads page a lot simply burns the files on to DVD. It’s very simple to do (I'll happily post instructions if anyone needs them!) and is far and away the safest way to have the eps to watch whenever, wherever. It’s what I do with everything I download if I know I’m going to want to watch more than once.

The fic and reports will be moving to a new site (which will have the same name) as soon as I can fix it up.

The chat-rooms, message board, galleries and interactive galleries will all go. Tbh, looking at the traffic stats, I don’t think anyone will miss them much, they’ve been moribund  for a long time, but if there’s anything there you want to keep, download it asap as it’ll all be gone forever once the site comes down.

Once again, I apologise to everyone who’s used and enjoyed my site over the years. The decision hasn’t been made lightly. No one could be sadder about this than I am myself.

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I just got the renewal notice; it's gone up again and the current exchange rate means it's going to cost me over £100 to keep it on for another year  and I'm wondering what to do. TBH, I've pretty much lost interest in the thing. The message board is moribund, the chat has moved on. Aside from the downloads, practically no one visits it anymore.

I could get free-space and move a lot of the text-based stuff there but obviously, if I did that, the galleries and the downloads would have to go.

So, I suppose what I'm asking is, does anyone really care? Would it be massively missed if it disappeared, because I admit, I'm tempted to just let it go.

ETA. Looking at the comments, it does seem all anyone's really interested in is the fate of the downloads. Maybe some other arrangement can be made to host these on another website (though be aware that it requires a lot of memory and bandwidth)? It does look like the rest of the site can go because it doesn't seem  that anyone will miss it at all.
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Can I please ask everyone who downloads from my website NOT to try and stream stuff because my bandwidth just can't take any more (Cap'n)!

I had no idea people were doing this - honestly, it's it's unlikely to work well anyway and though I have a pretty healthy bandwidth allocation, it's nothing like enough to allow substantial numbers of people trying to stream live vid. You have to save to disc, people, and watch on your own computer - NOT (please!) live on m'website!

Really, this is killing my bandwidth and I can't afford to buy more. If it carries on, I'll have to take the downloads page down.

Let me know if you have any problems. Thanks for your cooperation.

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Is - non-functioning. It's crashing my lappy whenever I try to access it so... I know it's only a small select (heh) group that ever goes there now but on the off-chance you've been trying and failing - give me time. I've been trying to sort it out but I just haven't anymore time right now.
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The Real Deal to m'website; 202mb.

And that's the last episode - they're all there now. If you're ever  in need of an (as far as I can tell) uncut eppy, you know where to go. (o:

If anyone's got a request, something TS-related you're longing to see, let me know and if I have it, I'll try and upload it for you.

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posted by [personal profile] panik at 03:34pm on 23/07/2008 under , now up at my website. 209mb.

Only The Real Deal to go now and we're all done. (o:
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is now on the website. 229mb. It's a biggie - must be full of ads and trailers (sorry).

Only Pennies from Heaven and The Real Deal left to go, now. O:!
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Is now on m'website. 209mb, wmv.

Only three left to go. (o:

Just taking a break from the garden. It's like armageddon out there right now. I've cut my finger and I'm blistered all over. There may be pictures later...
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Is up at the website. wmv. file, 209mb. 
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Is now on m' website for your delight and delectation.

wmv. file, 207mb. May it bring you joy.
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