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Best ever?

I mean, Jeremy's VizCock, bad accents, Michael Sheen, not one but two avoidable deaths and Geoff!

Utter, utter brilliance.
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It's a while since I did one of these. Don't worry, just a quickie.

Decimated. The fic I'm writing with the adorably sexy, massively talented [ profile] fluterbev is now almost 13,000 words long, a constant joy to write and read and continuing to fill me with the most evil glee.

Entanglement. The second draft well underway now. I'm calling the process an 'edit', though it seems to be constantly growing rather than diminishing. It's acquired 3 new chapters already and it's not even half way through yet. 19 of 50(?) chapters put to bed, 69,275 words.

And that's it. See, that wasn't too painful was it? Top Gear tonight! My loins are freshly girded, my happy trousers clean and ironed, early cocoa and school in the morning...

I'm so sorry, I fear I have gone mad.
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That manip from Wossy's last show.

It's BJ Hammond )

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He cannot have a Top Gear personage on his show without alluding to teh slash. It is clearly beyond him.

Hand crafted of pure excellence.
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Jeremy Clarkson - in a SKODA!

I can die now. Life can hold no more excitement nor surprises for me. ::shakes head::

Soul of custard. ::snerk::

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...From a delightful day chez [ profile] alibongo where Mark, wearing his Maurice Moss IT trousers, did do mighty battle with computer and WiFi for many hours before getting it all to work and I chatted to ali of many things and admired her new chickens.

Have wine, have quorn sausage and mash, Top Gear in 15 minutes. Life be good.

Awful hot ain't it?

ETA: But not as hot as Top Gear tonight. omg, teh massive gay and James' penis is the star of the show!

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James May speaks of many things, like politics:

For what it's worth, I've always believed that society should have as few rules as possible, rather than the thousands of new regulations this Government churns out every week. In May's Britain, there'd only be one law: don't be a prat. That actually covers everything. Not paying your tax is being a prat. Neglecting your kids is being a prat. Doing 100mph through a town centre is being a prat. As long as you're not a prat, you can do what you like.'

and Oz Clarke:
'If you whacked him with a cricket bat, he'd be saying something about the flavour of the wood as he went down.'

and Hammond:
He's fit and he's a very simple mechanism. It would be like trying to break a tin-opener. You can't really break a tin-opener.

and Jezza:
Jeremy's the least tough, of course. He's got the size, but it doesn't count for much. HMS Hood was a very big warship but it still blew up with one direct hit.'

and their future life together:
The discussion I have with Jeremy is that one day we'll have a pub. I'm quite interested in beer, Jeremy likes wine, we both like eating, so when we stop doing the show we're going to have a Top Gear Pub. Not as a branding exercise where you turn up occasionally like Gordon Ramsay - this would actually be us serving you, all the time: beer, wine, pies, fish-finger sandwiches. We'd live upstairs. But I'm 46, Jezza's a few years older than me, so we'd have to do it fairly soon I think.

It writes itself, it really does

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First it was Richard 'Hamster' Hammond, then James 'not gay, honestly' May. Now I'm happy to be able to inform you that this year's Heat magazine Weird Crush of the Year is none other than Mr Jeremy 'I swear to God I don't really fancy Hammond' Clarkson!

Attention Scum and behold the Mighty Power of Fandom!

I can't wait to see this week's eppy. Hammond and May are going to have such larks, are they not?  :o)

Next year, the Stig.

In other news, THIS is bringing me great joy this snowy morning.

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NBC are making a US version of Top Gear.

The main question on my lips is why? That and, which one's supposed to be James May, is he amusingly sexually ambiguous and does he have immaculate spanners?

I suppose it might be alright for those who think Top Gear's a show about cars but - WHY does American TV persist in doing this? If there's a great US show then a British TV company will buy it and show it in all its American glory.  We  rarely  feel the need to remake said show in our own image (resulting in major FAIL). It seems no one listens to Jay Leno anymore.

I wait with baited breath for the eppy when they drive wrecks around Chipping Norton with... ??? painted on their...???

- and here my pre-coffee imagination is defeated. I'm trying to come up with slogans as offensive to middle-English sensibilities as 'Man Love Rules' apparently was in Alabama and failing. Maybe the Flist can help?
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BBC 3. It's just started (yes I know it's a repeat!)

Well worth watching just to see Jeremy's face when Dave says he drives a Skoda.
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