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I've been in the garden for most of it, training some trees (I'm having a crack at espalliering), planting stuff, sowing seeds, sorting out my pond and trying to keep out of the way of frisky, horny toads, getting my potatoes in, digging about (still finding huge bits of stone from the long-demolished  toilet) and generally being a hoary-handed daughter of the soil. Spring is busting out all over, there are Bullfinches in the hedge and the squee factor is high.

I'm constantly coming up against bits of old china. Those Victorians must have been the most appalling butterfingers, the stuff is everywhere.

Wherever you are, whatever you've done with your days, I hope you've had good times, my lovely darlings.
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Take you on a gorgeous ride across the Wonders of the f****** Solar System.  A delicious spoof , amusingly sweary and just the thing for April Fool's.

Giggle a bit and buck up, my lovelies, just one more day till the weekend, a massively extended Easter! weekend no less with  warm, buttered hot cross buns and simnel cake and unfeasable quantities of chocolate and new! Doctor Who and Jonathan Creek with Paul McGann!!!

Let us don our sightly-too-small laughing trousers and the comfy, stain'ed underpants of manifold-delights, cock a merry snook at the wind and the snow, ring out the bells and sing hosanna for the potential for joy be mighty indeed. ::nods wisely::

In short, yes, I have had something of a trying week but I am drawing a veil and contemplating a weekend of chocolate, resolving to be glad and - where have the location and music boxes gone* and why is it sunny and snowing at the same time?

*They're back! And I just had a go at that tempting little 'detect' facility and it says I'm in London. How amusingly eccentric is LJ? Answer, very.
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Probably my last post on this for the weekend.

Glinner just posted a link to a blog post from an American who lived in the UK who puts the record on the NHS about as straight as it can be, I think. Very fair, very reasoned, very well written.

And now I really musty get my act together and pack my bag. It's FRIDAY people! Let us give thanks and be merry.

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I've still not finished the 2nd draft, a major disappointment as I was rather hoping to have had the submission ready and have it out to agents this weekend (she laughed in a hollow fashion). It's taking way longer than I'd thought because I keep running into wee holes that need filling so it's been at most, a chapter a day. Only two to go now though but nothing will be done over the weekend as I'm heading in an easterly direction for [ profile] alibongo 's Abigail's Party. An evening of kaftans and platforms, Miner's blue eyeshadow and Blue Nun, Twiglets, Cinzano and bits of cheese and pineapple stuck in a grapefruit, Marc and David and Bootsy Collins. Some Demis Roussos might creep in there too, but no olives (because they'e horrible, aren't they? Nobody likes olives, Lawrence.)

It is going to be awesome. It has to be, how could it not?

And now it's time for cocoa and bed. Sleep tight, shipmates.

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and still tired. What's that all about then?  Sun's out but the clouds look decidedly dodgy. I have toast and coffee.


That's pretty much it. Why am I telling the world this shattering news? I have no idea. This sort of thing is best saved for Twitter really. OK. Time to make the bed, shower and press on with the doings of the day. Three more chapters maybe? Or maybe not. I'm starting to fray a little at the edges. I might just (omg!) have a bit of a day off.

It's gone so dark out there again!  What the merry heck is going on with this weather? Yesterday I saw *2* waterspouts in the clouds, just from where I'm sitting on me sofa. That's not normal, shurely? The Met keeps on about jet streams, I still say we should sacrifice something. I have rather a glut of routers, would an immolated router appease the rain gods, think you? 

OK. Carping on with the deum, I hope you are too, or something. Whatever.

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posted by [personal profile] panik at 08:50am on 04/07/2009 under , , this. I'm a bad, bad person (but my massive ego means I never feel bad about it). I always knew that stuff was a load of bull.

Ah...  WEEKEND! MY lovelies and such a gorgeous one here in Lancashire. HOLIDAY WEEKEND for the delightful American peeps. Have a lovely one my loves, throw many shrimps on your barbies or whatever other strange and wonderful things you adorable people do on these occasions.

Right. More coffee, LJ, a quick workout then on! for I have a day to carpe, I hope you do too. XXX

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