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I has a cat!

He's huge and rather stately. I shall call him Ozymandias.

In other news: the back still hurts but the meds are good, and speaking of drugs, Coventry Telegraph, what are you on??!

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Very nice garden. Yours?
I hope your back will be doing better soon. We had to make somme changes in our appartement due to my husband's back issues like higher bed and chairs etc...

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Yes, that's my garden, a small corner of it anyway, glad you like it :)

I'm sorry about your husband's back! That must be hard. I'm hoping mine won't be as bad as that, the doctor says it's inflamed nerve sheaths. It s getting better but very very slowly.

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I hope your back is better soon, although meds are always great.

Ozymandias is indeed very stately. Mighty, even. *g*

And as for the Coventry Telegraph, perhaps it shouldn't believe everything it sees in press releases?

meds are always great.

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These meds are unusually great, I haven;t been floating like this since a friend got me black market pain meds in Cuba that later turned out to be pure heroin. Now they were strong, knocked me out cold for about 36 hours as I remember. :)

Re: meds are always great.

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since a friend got me black market pain meds in Cuba that later turned out to be pure heroin

Oh. My.

And nice kitty! (And I'm sorry your back is one of the slow healing types of things, (delicious-sounding) meds aside...)

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Oucb! Bad backs are hell! Hope yours gets better soon

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Thanks, I've had a dicky back for years but this bout's been a real killer. It's slowly righting itself but so slowly.
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What a noble looking cat! :)))

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I really like your cat. Hope your feeling a little better today.