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Last night...

I had a moth trapped in my bath.

Srzly. I had to help it out with a glass and an envelope. Does no one manufacture a ladder for such emergencies?

IT Crowd people will understand.
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I generally let Nature (in the form of my three cats) take its course. One of them brought me a moth snack the other day, and I thanked her graciously but declined the offer...

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Oh no. Gotta help the moths! Catch and release, I seem to have been doing it a lot lately.

I'm actually referencing a comedy show, looks like no one else gets the joke. :)

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Should I admit that sleepy moi first read that as "I had a mouth trap in my bath?"

Oy, the mental picture...

for reasons unknown

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That made me think mouse trap in my mouth and Baldrick's ll-mouse diet.

Shall we see how long we can keep this going? ;)

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I'm trapped! Like a moth in the bath!

(WHEN is the new series coming out? TWO MORE DAYS? And then I have to wait until someone puts it piecemeal onto Youtube!)

(Richmond isn't going to be in it, is he? I miss him)

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C4 have had ep one up for a few days and yes, I may have caved and peeked. I wouldn't mind betting it's up for acquisition somewhere. No Richmond, no, I think Noel's too busy with his Booshly activities.

It was very good. :)

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You will get lots of results if you search for "humane fly catcher" or similar.
Most of them seem to be battery-powered and use a vacuum however - I have a couple that are just manual and rely on you being able to move very slowly to trap the insect; an "insect-snappy".

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It's just a joke, sweetie, The IT Crowd, new series starts tonight.

I have one of those vaccuum jobbies but I don't like to use them on moths, gentle as they are, I'm always scared they'll hurt their wings, I prefer the time-tested beaker and card approach. I don't often get a moth trapped in my bath, When a moth thinks about travelling vertically upwards, a ladder is just about the last thing they would think of. *g*

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True - I did realise a moth wouldn't use a ladder.
I just thought you might also have had a serious need for some special device ...
Are those vacuum things any good then? It does sound a bit fierce, sucking things up when they have delicate wings.

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I find them excellent for wasps, they are extremely gentle and you're supposed to be able to use them for moths and butterflies but I never have. I'd recommend one if you tend to get a lot of insects in your house, I don;t generally, the moth in the bath was a revelation, I mean - moths can fly. What was going on there? Was it just terminally stupid? Enquiring minds...

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Maybe they get confused by the perspectives/smooth sides of the bath?
Baths are usually light, so it may have thought the bath must be the sky ...?
If it hadn't heard of gravity ...

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Hmm. So, moths unaware of Newtonian physics. Serves them right, then, they should have paid more attention in school.