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panik ([personal profile] panik) wrote2010-06-23 01:46 pm

Yes! Oh YES!

Fry and Laurie reunited!

My current level of squee could crack glass and end wars  it is so very mighty. ::nods:: I just wish it was a proper show, you know, of the old type. I'd swap any proper Fry and Laurie one-off special for every episode made of House or (bloody) Kingdom (a pox on both).

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That's wonderful news, although I must disagree about House. If nothing else, it's introduced the rest of the world (including me) to HL.


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I tolerated House for a bit but it got samey very fast, I thought. I hold to my opinion, I'd rather have a single, sole new Fry and Laurie than the entirety of their solo dramatic projects.

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How very very cool. :-)

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Ain't it just? I don;t get GOLD though so I will have to acquire it by other means.
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Whoohoo - but bugger! Do I get GOLD? ::scampers off to look:: Nope. Bum ::plots:: And Eltham Palace too! Well, that beats some footy match that's apparently happening today.

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I don't get GOLD either so needs must acquire it in the new-fashioned way.

And footie, but... we scored! Oh yes indeedy. I was in the garden when it happened and the roar of a thousand male voices from all directions told me all I needed to know.
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the roar of a thousand male voices from all directions told me all I needed to know.

LOL - me too. I was out in the village lane chatting to a couple of (female) mates when we heard this roaring noise. "Scored then," we said all together, then got back to chatting about the important stuff *g*

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Yay, Yay, Yippee!

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Yay! Very good news indeed!

Obviously I don't get GOLD over here in the States but I'll search the net for it when the time comes! Yes indeedy!