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...Because THIS is now the finest film ever made, ever.

And I see there's a documentary about Wild Billy Childish on Radio 4 at 11.30. The genius responsible for the reggae version of Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler on the ASDA ad? That's well worth a half an hour of my time. And why am I indulging in such blatant pleasure-seeking on a Tuesday I hear you ask. Well, tis because we have the sweep coming, dear hearts. Three flues, three rooms shrouded in dust sheets and consequently inaccessible and I am an artiste my loves, I cannot work in such conditions!
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Yes, it's that time again. The new doors are made and in place, a new stair carpet has been ordered and we were supposed to be painting today, but look what we found when we stripped off the old carpet.

Two old, very cracked and highly knackered pre-Victorian stairs that will have to be fixed before much else can go ahead.

::sighs mightily:: Things b'ain't never simple, be they? I've done what I can, put a first coat of Japanese Willow #3 on the doors but can't do much else till the stairs are fixed.

There may be time (but is there the strength?) for some work on the new novel. I've been toiling at this for the last three days, a thousand words a day are being torn, kicking and screaming from my reluctant bod. I've been writing about it in my blog - I haven't mentioned the blog much up till now, it's where I'm putting all my tedious writery blatherings, to spare the innocent and blameless amongst m'Flist who don't want to be bothered by such things, but thought I might mention it anyway, in case you wanted to be bothered. Or something. I fear I ramble. I am a little tired and, like Fly Fishing by JR Hartley, rather old.

I don't really know why I brought that up, other than that you really can't have too much of JR Hartley, can you?
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No snow on the ground here but it's just started falling from the sky. O: And the door man is here, fitting our catches, we can has new doors at last (and there was much rejoicing).

But by bloody 'eck it's cold! My nips are tunnelling through my clothes like The Mole in Thunderbirds.
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Or rather Mark's loaf since he made it. First produce of the new stove! Not a v good picture I'm afraid, done on the iphone via Twitter. I shall endeavour to do better as soon as the camera battery charges.

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Fox 'News' continues to amuse with it's deranged absurdity.

and I have a new Aga! Lawks a lawdy, it's hot in here! It smells a bit funny at the moment but we're assured that will wear off in a few hours and in the meantime - omg! heating and hot water and cookery! and heating and - did I mention how bloody hot it is in here? I shall post a picture as soon as the camera stops playing silly buggers.

And Twitter for a Nobel Prize? and is it Saturday already? And will it ever stop raining? And look at Gaiman's library O:!

Do I ramble? I think I'm being affected by the unbearable heat. Where's Omid Djallili when you need him? Well, on YT of course.

I think I need coffee. Maybe some toast.

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The chaps arrived from Hereford at the most un-godly hour of 7.30am but at least we got it all out of the way nice and early.

So the new!-shiny! is free-standing in the kitchen now till the builder comes back from sunning himself in Portugal to fit it, which is a bit of a pain but will have to be dealt with with fortitude and grace. It's very new! and shiny! and BLUE! and terribly exciting.

But OMG! Look at what we found when they brought the old one out! O:!!! Exactly like the wreck of the Titanic, but in slightly worse condition. To think we've had a fire going in this thing night and day for years.

View with caution. Not for the nervous or easily offended )

Anyway, NEW-SHINY! is here, if far from up and running. Next up, Bolton Aga-Man arrives (hopefully), no doubt looking relaxed and tanned and does the thing with the cement and the plumbing and sets it all up so we can start cooking with it and picking the purty tiles for the splash back and put back the concealed lighting and - oh, everything. I can't wait to light a fire in her and start cooking (squeee!!!)

See the shiny blue baby! )

And we found the long lost toasting fork down the back! It's all just win win win. *G*


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Our new Aga arrives. Can't be connected and fired up till the builder returns from the Algarve but it will be placed on its wee plinth and...

Ah. It should be a thing of excitement and joy but instead I'm feeling sad and sentimental for the poor old rusting, failing stove that the Aga-boys will be taking away with them for butchery. Poor old stove. It's been in our kitchen since 1987. I feel like I'm having the old dog put down.

In other news, it would have been my Mum's 80th birthday today. I planted the massive Madonna lilies I bought for her 78th in our garden. They opened their buds today, blooming away and pumping out the perfume.

A day of sad nostalgia indeed.

Please to be keeping your fingers crossed that it all goes well tomorrow, so much could go wrong and lawks a lawdy my loves, the £££! O:

ETA: Re: Byron. Good heavens above, Rupert, darling, not everything is about teh gay. Calm down dear! It really doesn't take much to get the dear boy going, does it?

And omg it's enemas now!  And that Versace woman. What's up with her face?! O:!!!  She's had 'work' done hasn't she? She looks like a Lady Penelope doll that's spent time in a slow oven.

Nice arse but what are they doing to his poor dick? It sounds very painful. Clearly a man dedicated to his art. ::nods::

And we end on Byrons perfectly preserved, massive pickled erection. Most enjoyable.

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With our own poor, dear elderly thing definitely falling to little tiny pieces now, we've been making serious moves to replace it. Dear Gods, peeps, this is going to cost moneyO:!

It's gorgeous out there! Cold still, about 3 degrees but sunny and bright and snowdrops! and just like a spring day really. I feel quite frolicksome.

Got tea, got toasty hot cross bun with apricot jam and needs must settle to some work now, alas.

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I've hardly slept all night - or, indeed the last several night actually despite the unaccustomed frantic activity. The house is still decidedly tip-py with two whole rooms inaccessible from piles of books/dvds/albums/pictures/rugs/furniture and etc. etc. I'm leaving for [ profile] fluterbev 's at a quarter to three and I'm still sitting here, drinking coffee and more-or-less staring at the wall.

::is completely, utterly, wholly and completely shagged::

I really should get off my arse and do something. So very much to do. I should move myself, shouldn't I?

::stays glued to chair::

In housely-news, the new back door is draft-tight and water-tight and thoroughly practical and totally doing its job and looks like a coffin lid. I miss my old door with a Heathcliffe-like passion but it had to go - the guy was, quite literally, able to rip it off the wall with his bare hands - and Mr Chorley-Double-Glazing-Guy is no beefcake, but a silver-haired, ruddy-faced man in his sixties with a bit of a paunch. It was full of holes and rotten through and through - a child of four could've put a fist through it. I still miss it though.::sigh::

Anyway. The sun is out! O:! Maybe because Garett has arrived on our rain-swept shores? maybe the sun really does shine...? But no. Best not go there....

The terrible John-Stalker-like glare of the sun means I'm a prisoner in my own home even with the blind down I can't see a thing I'm typing. I might as well press on with that long, long list of stuff that needs must be done. I wish I had the energy to express some Bev-visit/Garett-mania squee but I'm sure it'll be there when it's needed.

::is very tired. Is old and on last legs. Has a cold-sore the size of Battersea Power Station. Needs more coffee::

I'm rambling, aren't I? 

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I luvs donkeys I do ::grins stupidly::

We have Mr. Brabiner the sweep here, always an entertaining experience. When he's done, I have to journey to the next village to dry throws at the laundrette, then the double glazing guys will come to fit a new back door at huge expense. It's all go here. ::is practically dead of the excitement. That or the sarcasm::

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