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2010-06-28 10:32 am

A salutary reminder.

Yes, my fellow Brits, we are very crap at footie, but who cares about that when we live on what is possibly (still) the coolest lump of stone on this planet? Oh yes, my babies, for we have Time Lords and they rock!

We also have NEW! Top Gear and Reliant Robins! Oh good gracious me, I thought I was going to die, if not of suffocation then the massive haemorrhaging caused by the lolz - And new IT Crowd! and Rev starting tonight. It is, indeed, good to be alive. If only it would rain, just a bit (I know, I know, I'm never satisfied, me but my rain barrel is down to its last smelly dregs and there's only so much you can do with a watering can and a bit of leaky hose that was bought in 1972).

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2010-06-26 07:06 pm

Ah hah ha ha ha!

I knew it! Timey wimey people, timey bloody wimey!!!

Not as good as Ten, hmmm? Childish??? I don't think so!

And - Most Exposition Evah In A Television Show...? Whatever the former record-holder was, it was beaten tonight, I think.

Oh, and - Rory!!!! Permission to heart thee?
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2010-06-12 08:11 pm

The Lodger

That was pretty damn splendid in my oh so humble, probably my favourite ep so far,

and not really spoiling I don't think but cutting just in case )

How can it get any better than this? Honestly? I mean it. Seriously. I need to know what you think. ::nods::

Oh, and - Captain Troy Handsome. ::snerk:: Best line of the series so far. *G* Oh my, I am loving this Doctor!
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2010-06-05 07:42 pm

The Doctor and Van Gogh

Together in a single episode! What could possibly go wrong (nothing, obviously)? If you take Blackadder out of the equation, certainly the best thing Richard Curtis has ever written by miles. ;)

That was pretty damn wonderful, imo, even though the death of Enormous Terry-Gilliam Space-Chicken-Thing broke my heart and wasn't Amy a little under-dressed for 1889 and apparently Van Gogh bore a strong resemblance to Conan O Brien, who'd've guessed? But this Doctor just grows and grows, I can't wait to see what's going to happen to him in the future.

'Maybe you've had enough coffee now'. Best line in ages.
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2010-05-15 08:14 pm

No one got nothing to say...?

About Doctor Who? Rather brilliant, is my initial opinion, nothing more to say right now as I'm about to drink some rum and watch I Love You Philip Morris

I shall let you know.
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2010-05-08 06:59 pm

Well that was pretty bloody splendid!

This series of Doctor Who just goes from strength to strength, reminding me more and more of old Who - only better *  If next week's outing is even half as good as the trailer, it's going to be spectacular.

And who didn't give a little piggie squeal of joy when the Doctor's 'papers' had a picture of One? I know I did, quite startled the cat.

*though I can't help thinking the estimable Toby 'Being Human' Whithouse has read Jonathan Strange. Just a feeling. ;o)
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2010-04-03 07:55 pm

Oh new TARDIS!

You are a thing of joy and colour and beauty and I love you! And - Old Skool music and credits! How very wonderful.

Very much like this new Doctor too, nice ironical tone but not too heavy handed. Eppy was a bit frantic, desperately trying to do too much too soon so - exactly like every new Doctor first eps I've ever seen,  I expect it'll get over itself and settle down before next time, but you know what I liked best? An ending, a good, proper, interesting, engaging, exciting end, no rubbishy let downs.

Very refreshing. ;o)