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I don't seem to do that very often these days but, good people, I honestly have nothing to say!

Re Entanglement: I'm still waiting on the first agent, I'm told that nothing happens during Frankfurt so I'm giving him another week before I'll proffer up a gentle email prod. I am firmly of the opinion that waiting on decisions entirely out of your control is, to paraphrase the immortal Baldrick, a horrid thing.

While I wait, I've started work on a new story - I had 2 going for ages but finally settled on the Entanglement sequel (sorry [personal profile] mrs_tilford !) because the voices told me I had to various blogs seem to be firmly of the opinion that being able to offer sequels greatly ups your chances of publishing and who am I to argue with various blogs?

Anyway, that's all up and running and a very dark tale it's shaping up to be. Very dark indeed (cue the obligatory evil laugh). I actually did some solid, concerted work on that today - progress has been seen to be made. I am not displeased.

Fannish life - is non existent, really. There's nothing new and the old has lost its shine and that part of my life languishes in dusty, cobwebbed neglect. LJ likewise seems quiet as an old, forgotten grave. I don't know if everyone's lost their mojo too, or if you're all lurking in New Fannish Lands in the parts of LJ where I never tread but it's been dead as a rusty shovel round here lately. I've had to turn to Twiter for kicks, people, that can't be right.

I shall throw out some spangled, golden kisses and chocolate-coated delights anyway, for old time's sake. Use them wisely, I shall be testing you on them later. XXX

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posted by [identity profile] at 04:02pm on 17/10/2009
LJ's not that quiet! Heck, I'm here, spamming away; how can it be? :-))
posted by [identity profile] at 04:28pm on 17/10/2009
It's very quiet on my flist, very quiet indeed - your spammy self aside. :o)
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posted by [identity profile] at 06:08pm on 17/10/2009
I'm here--just reading, not much posting. But I'm here. REading a lot of NCIS, actually. Because Gibbs is teh hawt.
posted by [identity profile] at 06:21pm on 17/10/2009
If you say so, hon, if you say so. :o)

I'm not reading any fic anymore, I just seem to have lost the knack. ::sigh::

posted by [identity profile] at 09:17pm on 17/10/2009
"Fannish life - is non existent, really. There's nothing new and the old has lost its shine and that part of my life languishes in dusty, cobwebbed neglect."

Does this mean I should forget about 'Decimated'?


posted by [identity profile] at 09:42pm on 17/10/2009
Of course not.
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posted by [identity profile] at 10:16am on 18/10/2009
Popping in to say that Decimated is still ongoing. Both Gilly and myself have been busy the last little while with other things, but we've got a lot of it done neverthless (17,000 words at last count). I'm going to be doing some work on it this week. We'll get it done if it's the last thing that we do (and it very well might be) :-).
posted by [identity profile] at 09:20pm on 17/10/2009
On the quiet LJ front, all I've got to say for myself is that college is busy-making, and hey, my RL posts should be endlessly fascinating, don'tcha know? *g*
posted by [identity profile] at 09:42pm on 17/10/2009
I'm sure you're posting more than I am. :o)
ext_14365: If you made this, tell me and I'll credit (Default)
posted by [identity profile] at 10:18am on 18/10/2009
It is weird and scary how you are in the same place as me fandom-wise. I'm feeling like I've suffered a weird bereavement, and it makes it hard for me to engage with fic of any stripe. I've been re-reading Martha, and rediscovering the stories I loved at the start, but I don't feel much like writing my own any more. I'm going to push myself to finish TNT (it's so nearly done) and Decimated, but that will probably be it. And there is nothing else waiting in the wings. Sigh.
posted by [identity profile] at 11:02am on 18/10/2009
It's sad and scary, isn't it? I feel like those people who live in Matlock who wake to find their garden has disappeared into a pot-hole. Right now, I'm not sure what to fill it with.

Worse in many ways is the way LJ no longer seems to fill a need. It used to be my breakfast reading, open everyone in tabs and browse and comment and now,nothing, or so it seems. It's appalling how empty my life seems without it.

What happened? When/why/how did this occur to so many of us all at once? I demand answers from the Cosmos!

posted by [identity profile] at 12:18pm on 19/10/2009
What happened? When/why/how did this occur to so many of us all at once?</q I really wish I had an answer for you but, sadly, I don't. I agree that it is both sad and scary. Looking around it appears that most people are just getting on with living their lives and the time they used to allocate to LJ and other fannish pursuits has been taken up with simply living. Maybe it's just that we are getting older or it is a by-product of the current climate we find ourselves in. I wish I could point to a particular reason but I am unable to do so. There does seem to be a huge drop off in LJ activity overall but most especially at present in the TS fandom. I have been around fandom long enough to know that these things wax and wane, peoples taste change and they move on, so I am confident that, in time, things will pick up as new people find their way to TS. However I too am feeling distinctly lethargic about fandom in general. Never one to post much to begin with, I keep toying with the idea of deleting my LJ altogether, yet there is a part of me that is loathe to take that step, almost like hanging on to a friendship you have long outgrown. Like yourself however there is nothing out there that I want to replace TS with and I will always have a soft spot for Jim and Blair. I don't see that ever changing. The fandom as a whole has been very good to me and I am reluctant to say a permanent farewell in the hope that my current lethargy/lack of interest will pass given time. Sorry, did not intend to mope all over your LJ. Suffice to say the TS fandom has been lucky to have you as a part of it and I am looking forward to reading Decimated once it is finished. I am sure it will be a fine swansong for both you and Bev.
posted by [identity profile] at 12:19pm on 19/10/2009
Sorry Gilly, not sure why that has all come out as one long paragraph.
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posted by [identity profile] at 06:48pm on 18/10/2009

::runs in::

::tackle-snogs you::

::runs out again::