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Wondering what my life has come to

When I'm watching Ed Balls on Andrew Marr in chat with fangirls for laffs. This feels wrong.

Hello everyone! It's Sunday, the sun is shining - well, it is here, anyway. It feels like a long time since I engaged with you all, I hope you're all well, having fun... Speak to me, children, how is life treating you this delightful summer morn?::needs Fotherington Thomas icon::

Google is coming up empty on the FT front - help me someone!

ETA: Can has icon!
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Hiya! I am mad busy at the moment - loads of kid stuff on this weekend. Also LJ is so bloody slow! I keep trying to comment but it takes so long to load the bloody page that I give up and go away. In the space it took for this to open, I went and fried an egg. Argh!

Must rush, kids' party to go to soon...

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Enjoy your party.

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Your icon is the coolest evah!
I'm having a weekend off from running around a 17th century battlefield making lots of noise and having tea and cake afterwards (so civilised!), so having tea (mmm, a theme, I think) and contemplating the million jobs I have to do before probably doing none of them and going for a walk into town instead!

'Tis glorious sunshine here too thanks.
How goes it with the magnificent Gilly?

My icon doth indeed rule big ones!

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I'm glad you're having fun in the sun. I've been none too well, tbh, of late but I'm getting better now, thankee kindly. I'm supposed to be working but am actually indulging in internetly pleasures, watching Sunday telly, drinking coffee and eating Mr Co-Op's splendid choc-chip cookies. It could be a lot worse.

Re: My icon doth indeed rule big ones!

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I'd forgotten all about Nigel Molesworth - I love those books!

Sorry you've been poorly, but pleased you're on the mend now. And that being the case, you are entitled to feet up, cookies and coffee whilst trawling the t'interwebz. Enjoy it!
::huggles you gently::

Re: I'd forgotten all about Nigel Molesworth

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They're amongst my very most favourite books ever. I remember a sultry summer's day in 1972, shut in the clubhouse excitedly discussing them with the actor Roy Holder (who had a broken leg). It's a long story... :)

Thank you for the hugglez, returns them with snuggly, pims-scented interest and bonus cooling cucumber breezes.
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::cackles evilly and snogs you senseless::

I'm busy growing a fake mustache and donning a black wool cloak prior to committing nefarious deeds - just your typical Sunday really *g*


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Nefarious deeds! Is George Osbourne and/or Mandy Mandelson involved? I can;t tell you how disappointed I was not to find one of them lurking at the heart of the Pandorica.