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Rather tired and at a loose end...

I thought I might try that 'I Write Like' thingumajig that's doing the rounds with a passion right now. Plugging a little of my novel in and finding that I apparently write like Stephen King (which, lawks a lawdy, I don't, nothing like!) I found myself merrily sticking in random bits of fics wot I wrote and it seems, going on samples of Chasing Rainbows, Wind Whispering, A&O, I write like HP Lovecraft (cool, if unlikely). The Sentinel Affair and Angel Dust both threw up the unusual choice of Mark Twain (Angel Dust? Mark Twain?? What the...? O:!). A Child of God came up, like the novel, as Stephen King and Blue plus a random ASJ fic, Jumping Frog (which is named for and references a Mark Twain tale) apparently remind said meme of Chuck Palahniuk.

But best of all, I put in a random bit of typical blather from my LJ and got:

I write like
James Joyce

I Write Like by Mémoires, Mac journal software. Analyze your writing!

Personally, I think that meme's been drinking.

How are you all, btw? Long time, no whateveritiswedohere. I hope you are all happy and well.

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I dunno. I think the James Joyce one makes sense. Made me chuckle at least. :-D
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::runs in and snogs you and your evil twin Steve::

How the hell are you babe? Blooming magnificently I hope?

::blows kisses and runs off again to deal with a canine mishap::

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It's certainly come up with some... original comparisons all over the place :)

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Hee! It's a bit addictive, isn't it? Stephen King appears to be quite a popular one...

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I think Stephen King is the fall-back. [ profile] tazlet got William Shakespeare, and [ profile] sara_merry99 got Margaret Atwood when she put in some academic work. I was King, James Joyce and Lovecraft. The Lovecraft was for a bit of steampunk I'm fiddling with. It's not my usual. I think the Joyce was more a comment on my punctuation abilities than anything else. *g*