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omg RAIN!

Lots and lots of RAIN! Simply terrifying quantities of water are falling from the sky!!!

Hoping we don't get a spring rising in the kitchen. again. Though I suppose, looking on the bright side, we could bottle it and make a fortune. Withnell Kitchen Spring anyone? I could put it in a blue bottle, I have one somewhere. I think it's in the cupboard next to the fridge
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Withnell Kitchen Spring anyone?

Your fortune is made!

We have serious quantities of gooey mist... the grockles holiday makers are not amused. Hey ho *g*

We too...!

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Had a srz gooey, warm mist about 2 hours ago, couldn't see the top of the cell mast or nuffink. All gone now, just very serious downpours of the death-and-destruction, it's-the-end-of-the-world, build your ark now, WE'RE ALL GOING TO DIE!!!!! kind. ::looks at sky, stroking chin, ruefully sucking pipe, nodding thoughtfully::

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eeep! We have the rain today and tomorrow and yesterday and forever too right now!

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Oh yes. Yup. Uh huh. That's us. ::nods::

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We've had a pretty wet July; today is improving after a wet morning, and the forecast is better for the end of the week. Certainly the ground needed it badly. But for those of you in areas with falling reservoirs and hosepipe bans, this'll be... useful.


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Two days of this would have been useful, after four days it was boring, a week of it has been downright annoying. :) At least there's no chance of floods, but I'll bet it's getting pretty wet down in Preston. Arnie...?
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It's been constant, very wet rain here since Friday. I am tired of getting soaked, now, plus there is a hosepipe ban in this area... lol.

I do wish it would stop soon - I'm supposed to be spending Saturday night in a field at a fezzie. I will have to go and buy some wellies!

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You could always move to the Lincolnshie desert. We're still hoping for a good rain.

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Stop doing the rain dance!Sending you virtual sunshines to wait the real ones' arrival.