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Only I don't, not very much these days. Alas, the life of the gilly is a rather dreary and uneventful place of late and it seems a waste of everyone's time to be posting nonsense about nothing. I haven't even twittered in an age.

I still live, is, I suppose, the message of this pointless post, that and my old friend prevarication...

I'm still (yeah) waiting for news on the novel from th'Agent. I sent him a terribly gently worded prod a few weeks ago to which he responded that he still hadn't had time to finish it. It's getting on for 10 weeks since I sent him the full ms and I've run out of patience so I'm sending it off to some more agencies, which means I now have to produce a proper submission including the dread 'one page synopsis'.

Boiling a 548 page novel down to a single page is something of a bugger. I currently have it at 19 pages - hence this post. Anything (anything!!!) rather than go back to the ceremonial brain-boiling that is that bloody (bloody!) synopsis.

But such is life.

I'm working on a second novel at the moment, should anyone give a monkeys, a sequel to the last. I've prevaricated nicely on that one, too (see the shiny icon!) - and there's fic, too. [ profile] fluterbev and I have been communing, work is ongoing, we're working to finish Decimated by Christmas but life may well get in the way of our well-crafted plans so I can promise nothing.

Urm. I think that's it, really. It's awfully dark and dreary outside. My coffee's going cold. I should get back to work. I hope life is being a perfect poppet for you all. ::making the kissy face:: XXX
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The Whig sees it as a Nest of Tories, when 'tis a Nest of FOPS! Thus quoth @DrSamuelJohnson on Twitter. Never a truer word, sir.

A brief perusal of Dr Johnson's esteemed followers brought me to a veritable virtual coffee shoppe of most esteemed gentlemen and ladies in the forms of @RealBoswell (And now to th' NATIONAL PORTRAIT GALLERY, where I aim to gaze Fondly at picktures of MYSELF), @TophamBeauclerk (Can any tell me who is the - so-call'd - Prime MInister of this land? The rogue goes a-missing it seems, whenever factional Battle looms), @LaurenceSterne (Mr Cameron,Tory, is angered that AL MCGRADY, the adopted Scot, has retired to foreign climes. Does he want the 'Med' for English OAPs alone?), @JonathanSwift79 (This is both a bankless and thankless holiday. Stella and I arrive at 'Starbucks' expecting whaling equipment, but get an AMERICAN muffin!), @MrAlexanderPope (O RUBICON! what Treachery is this? / Thou sayest, 'Water-Melon'; meanest, 'Piss') which is, frankly, just confusing. @RTristramShandy (He may walk but I enchant (so sir recant!)), @HesterThrale (Planning a trip to Brighton to catch the last rays of the dimming season and escape this frightful London summer), @AaronBurrJr (Just finished my book: "10 things I loathe about the articles of Confederation & that whoreson Hamilton". My place in history is assured.), @TobiasSmollett (feels trepanned by the Internet.) and @TrumpHogarth (The Poor do have but two Delights: FORNICATION and GIN, & of the two, Gin be the more desir'd for it lasts a longer time & is CHEAPER).

This has been the cause of most goodly giggles and yes, I hath friended them ALL.

I'm just taking a short break from the Dreade Submission (cup of green cherry sencha and a banana, should you be curious). I've finished the letter, the infamous Query the writing of which always gives me such a case of the vapours. I've been going over my first three chapters, which a good and trusted friend assured me were Good but which I now see are far from. The things in their entirety are, indeed, naught but a pile of skiddy pants and need must be re-written with a most severe pen. I've cut a good 20% of it, shunted a few pars about. Just 5 pages left to sort out now and I can send it winging through the ether to Mr Ian Drury of Sheil land in Doughty Street, then set about prepping stuff for the next agent in the queue.

It's all a bit of a bastard, I can tell you.

OK then, tea consumed, sustenance taken, loins girded, best be back about it I suppose.

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posted by [personal profile] panik at 03:01pm on 01/09/2009 under ,
I've been fighting all weekend with synopses of varying lengths (every agent wants something different). I just sent out my 'elevator pitch' (their description, not mine) to Zeno who were accepting submissions but now, are not - my email sent back by return. ::sigh::

I'm just working on my spiel to Ian Drury at Sheil Land - first in line because he accepts email subs (and most do not). He only wants a one paragraph synopsis (of a 150,000 word novel. Piece of piss. O:!!!), two chapters and ' a short summary of why someone would pay their own cash money to read your book'.

I hate this part. Hate it like a massive serving of hate with hate sauce and a side order of loathing.

Cup of tea, I think, then back to the grind. Gotta have this baby out by teatime.

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Staring at the lappy in dazed confusion, one coffee already consumed, more in the offing I suspect. I'm not sleeping well I never really do when we're at Dad's, too much going on till the wee small hours, too much happening in my head. I tried Horlicks last night but all it did was make me need to get up and pee at 2.30am.

::scratches head::

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Entanglement. I'm 4 chapters from the end of my second draft and on a push to finish by the end of the weekend. Then it's on! with the third draft. In between drafts I'll be attempting to make myself work out a submission for literary agents, the bit I hate most.

Look at that, sun is shining! Oh, and potatoes need to be got from their pot too, also laundry, clean the kitchen and a work out. Oh yeah, it's all thrills, spills and dizzy excitements all the time round here.

OK. Enough with the yapping.

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Although I'm still a few chapters from the end of my second draft, it's coming along steadily and without complications so I thought I'd take a little time over a cup of delightful Viennese coffee (Polish, Lidl, highly recc'd, yum) to research the agencies, see who might be right for this book and have a first crack at writing my submission and a synopsis of the plot.

It's not going well.

The plot is complicated and unusual  to say the very least. Every attempt to précis it so far has been a disaster.  I mean, looking at the latest attempt I see such gems as:

has opened a crack in reality that’s been utilised by the Vicar of St Swithuns to part the living from their souls and unleashed bizarre and unusual terrors on Angel’s sleepy hometown.


All Angel wants is to re-make a life with his wife from another life, now reincarnated as former DCI Matt Kershaw, who thinks Angel has murdered his sister.

Oh dear,  it sounds like the ravings of a mental. I see I must give this more thought. I think I'll go back to just re-writing the chapters for a bit. Much simpler, much less likely to up the BP I think.

Hey ho the nonny O, tis Thursday! and the weekend be nigh. I see Friday approaching off the starboard bow. Up with the moonrakers and cut a steady course to olives and freedom me hearties!
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