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Taking the universe to one side, having a quiet word.

It's June, you know, summer? So plz to be telling me why it feels more like bloody November out there? At least we've been spared the tornadoes this time. I hope East Anglian flisters are safe and well.

I smell woodsmoke on the howling, wind-soaked gales breeze, a neighbour has clearly caved...

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Bloody hell. (Apparently LJ is how I get all my international news.) My in-laws are in Norfolk. Off to phone, not that I'll necessarily get through . . .

I hope they're alright

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Though I'm sure they'll be fine, I think it was fairly isolated and our tornadoes tend to be rather anaemic affairs compared to the Midwest :)

Springwatch just started and looking at the live pictures from north Norfolk, it's warm and sunny and rather lovely there tonight. I wish I could say the same for here. ::shivers miserably::

Re: I hope they're alright

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My husband managed to get hold of them and they're fine; thanks for the heads-up. They were at a meeting in the village hall but not for any emergency-related reasons . . .

We're having a rainy cold day here as well.
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a neighbour has clearly caved...

Ah, no guts... in June one sucks it up and shivers discreetly. Brrrrrr!

I'm watching Springwatch

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and it looks not too bad tonight, it looked pretty nasty down your way yesterday, I assume we're getting your leavings today.

Ah, no guts...
I know! And they call themselves Northerners. ::wanders off tutting::
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Re: I'm watching Springwatch

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Yep - they're just down the road at the Swannery tonight, and it's a lot warmer than yesterday... but bugger, it's not WARM warm *g*

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It's really hot here - only without being sunny! grr...

hadn't heard about the tornadoes though! When did that happen?

clearly spending far too much time on BBC Parliament instead of the proper news channel!

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There were some minor tornadoes in Norfolk on Tuesday, I think it was, there's a link above. The weather's been unseasonably chilly and not at all nice.
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Brrrrrrr. That is all!


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God, yeah. When is it ever going to get warm, everything in the garden has ground to a halt.

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You need to move up to sunny Argyll! OK, it was raining this morning, though not heavy, but by early afternon we had blue sky... It's been pretty dry here and definitely quite warm all month so far.

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You'll probably want to think about battening your hatches. It was gorgeously sunny and warm here till a couple of days ago, then I saw on Springwatch how wet, windy and cold it was down in Dorset, then it hit us. It could be heading your way. :o)

Dry I can live without, the garden was in a state before it rained but cold is no fun in June.
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I didn't think you guys got tornadoes!! (here they're par for the course this time of year...)

Hope your weather will warm up soon!

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We get them all the time but they're usually only very wee. Sometimes they're bigger and do a bit of damage, but that's rare. The weather still stinks, who made of with summer, I'd like to know.