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It's June, you know, summer? So plz to be telling me why it feels more like bloody November out there? At least we've been spared the tornadoes this time. I hope East Anglian flisters are safe and well.

I smell woodsmoke on the howling, wind-soaked gales breeze, a neighbour has clearly caved...

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He's huge and rather stately. I shall call him Ozymandias.

In other news: the back still hurts but the meds are good, and speaking of drugs, Coventry Telegraph, what are you on??!
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I've been in the garden for most of it, training some trees (I'm having a crack at espalliering), planting stuff, sowing seeds, sorting out my pond and trying to keep out of the way of frisky, horny toads, getting my potatoes in, digging about (still finding huge bits of stone from the long-demolished  toilet) and generally being a hoary-handed daughter of the soil. Spring is busting out all over, there are Bullfinches in the hedge and the squee factor is high.

I'm constantly coming up against bits of old china. Those Victorians must have been the most appalling butterfingers, the stuff is everywhere.

Wherever you are, whatever you've done with your days, I hope you've had good times, my lovely darlings.
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...Because THIS is now the finest film ever made, ever.

And I see there's a documentary about Wild Billy Childish on Radio 4 at 11.30. The genius responsible for the reggae version of Who Do You Think You Are Kidding Mr Hitler on the ASDA ad? That's well worth a half an hour of my time. And why am I indulging in such blatant pleasure-seeking on a Tuesday I hear you ask. Well, tis because we have the sweep coming, dear hearts. Three flues, three rooms shrouded in dust sheets and consequently inaccessible and I am an artiste my loves, I cannot work in such conditions!
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Plenty fell in the night, we were getting a proper frightening few inches building up out there when we went off to bed but it's pretty much all melted overnight which is - good, isn't it? When we need to go out tomorrow and the coalman's due and only a day's worth of fuel left in the bunker. So why do I feel so let down by the absence of the tedious cold stuff? What a complex, contrary and thoroughly precious little snowflake I am.

So, we are home (kneels and kisses slightly threadbare Persian rug)! The house is still decidedly chilly but the Aga's lit and after a pleasing log fire last night, warming slowly (though I'm still in my thermals).It's 9.30 and I'm still in my pjs, trying to gear myself up to the rigours of the day but getting the usual first-day-home, post-Dad crash in which I sit on the sofa and stare at the wall and/or ITV4 till teatime.

Hey ho, I must move myself and shower and make the bed and write something, there are novels and TS Fics of Teh Most MASSIVE! Angst to be written, not to mention Real Work (of the sort that pays the bills) to be accomplished.

Maybe mor coffee will help? It has achieved exactly nothing so far this icy morning but I feel it's worth a try. ::nods::
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No snow on the ground here but it's just started falling from the sky. O: And the door man is here, fitting our catches, we can has new doors at last (and there was much rejoicing).

But by bloody 'eck it's cold! My nips are tunnelling through my clothes like The Mole in Thunderbirds.
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Do these icy dunes on Mars look like weird alien lady parts - Or is it just me? :o)

Groovy and extreme and insanely bizarre!

I am not, for once, attempting to avoid work, in case you were wondering. We are having some strange, magical new set-up affixed to our televisual receiving apparatus today, something with vast hanger-loads of storage and internetly viewing and - oh, everything! Ask Mark, he'll tell you all about it. I am just moving what I'm asked to move and sitting quietly while Mark manipulates the wireage and doing as I'm told.

It is, however, hard to get anything else done in the meantime. I am an artiste, people! I cannot work in these conditions.
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OK, gonna give this one last try...

There's still a lot of snow around but the roads are mostly clear so we decided to give it a go and -

We're home (huzzah)! Stove and fire are lit, the chill is lifting, I have my favourite wine and an embarrassment of cheese and other goodly delights for later so life is good and - OMG! people! The Complete Seinfeld box set with oodles of extras and the coffee table book!!!! ::does excited little shimmy:: Almost worth turning the page on yet another decade. *g*

And I finally managed to take down the Christmas decorations, only 9 days late. How much bad luck do you think that equals? :o)

And using delightful and apposite new icon, courtesy of the delicious [ profile] snailbones , because I now can!
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Snow stops play.

We shall not be driving home today )

I mean, I love my family dearly but omg! I am so ready to go home now!
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Woke to several more inches of the white stuff which is still descending madly from the skies.

Maybe tomorrow?
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