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It's impossibly beautiful today. Clear, clean crisp and so, so cold. The snow is powdery, glittering, the sun right on the horizon (gone altogether now, of course) slanting down, the lightest flakes of snow floating down from a cold blue sky. It's pure Angel Dust out there; it's my favourite weather, it's perfect.

I took pictures, course I did, might post them later, too. 
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My Year in retrospect, by gillyp, aged.

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In general: Life has been a bit rough at times. We’re still doing one week home, one week at Dad’s which is stressful and tiring. Dad is exactly as he was, some days up, some days down (some days very down indeed), it’s become routine really, a bit bothersome. I have to keep reminding myself that in many respects, I have a life that’s pretty good, that many might envy. OK, a bit (very! Oh so very...)  uneventful and dull, but far from arduous and relatively free of pain. I do keep reminding myself of that (but if the Gods are listening, a little more excitement – of the nicer sort - really wouldn’t go amiss in 2010)

So to round off 2009, I’m going to do that first-post, last-post LJ meme and say, have a marvellous 2010 everyone, I think we all deserve a break. Much love to you all, thank you so much, every one of you, for the laughs and the love and for keeping me sane.


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...No one's mentioned David Tennant's astonishing performance as Russell Brand, the Ghost of Christmas Present on the Catherine Tate show last night but there you go. Anyone listen to them on Radio 2 this morning then with the Most Holy Lord Bernard of Cribbins...?

Doctor Who was pure hilarious crack, I have rarely laughed so long or hard - which was good. Our home now has a new line, 'he ate it like The Master' - only used on the dog so far but we eagerly await the chances to broaden that scope.

So, good Christmas, everyone? We still have snow. Dad is going to 'dine' (the way The Skeletor Master 'dines') with his brothers today, he's been in the bathroom a mere 2 and a half hours but still hoping to have him at at least the underpants layer before my cousin comes to get him at 3.00.

Other than that, it's been relatively calm and unfraught. I now own an ipod and a goodly pile of DVD-based comedy and a bottie of delicious hard stuff. I'm now off to make sosmix rolls, please wish me well in my culinary endeavours and have a lovely Boxing Day all!

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I do believe it is, and a glass of steamy mulled wine too, very nice.

Well, it's pretty much all done, the dog has his tablets, the house is clean and smelling deliciously of oranges, pine and spice, the rum truffles, cranberry sauce and marzipan sweeties are made, the wine is mulled, only pressies still to wrap and I can knock off for the duration - well, aside from all that pesky cooking tomorrow but hey ho the nonny, that's but a small thing.

I hope you all have the HAPPIEST CHRISTMAS  and the best NEW YEAR ever!

Merry Christmas Flist, I love you all. XXX
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Said clear skies, danger of ice.

Met Office, you are made of fail! )

Walked 2 miles to the vets in this for the dogs meds, they're closed till 2pm. ::shakes fist at the sky::
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I've just called the sister. It appears an Asda van has been sighted in the lane this morning, this augers well for gritted hills and shifted-drifts and we've decided to go. Gotta go soon, too, if we want to be there before it goes dark so - a quick tidy and hoover of the old homestead, chivvy Basement Cat  from his perch by the Aga and send him on his way home (his own home, where he actually lives some of the time), make flasks of hot tea and be on our way.

So, all of you, do please -

Have a marvellous Christmas all and a simply super New Year.

I mean, if I'm spared, I'll doubtless be around, from this evening on aamof so I don;t know why I'm sending out the greetings now, tbh but there you go.

::a figure, shrouded in hats, scarves and coats waves wildly midst the snow:: See you on the other side. XXX
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Woke to several more inches of the white stuff which is still descending madly from the skies.

Maybe tomorrow?
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It's snowing up a storm out there now. Last night tipped -14, the roads are all ice and now it's snowing hard, if it continues we're facing the real prospect of not getting to Dad's for Christmas because the shower of bastards who run Chorley council, despite the great chunks of cash they lift from our wallets like the common footpads they are, will not grit the roads.

See pictorial evidence.

  view from my window

Hey ho, I am philosophical. In many ways, a Christmas at home would be pleasant and peaceful, no pressies (they're all at Dad's) but we have all other reqs here for dinner, including copious nutty, chocolatey, marzipanny delights, wine and sloe gin, all we lack is a pudding - which I could walk into Brinscall for, if it came to that. I'm assuming it won't, snow's not wont to stick around these days, but if it does, well ::shrug:: We has logs for the fire and the trusty Aga, we'll live.

It'll be harder on the Dad and the sister - especially the sister as she'll have Christmas dinner to do for just the 2 of them all on her own. Like I say, not expecting it to come to that but (looks out of window). meep! It's dark as twilight - it never really got light, I'm sitting under all the fairy lights, it's like Santa's grotto here, I'm a firm believer that you can never go overboard with the fairly lights. I tried to do a picture but I can only get the camera to work with the flash and it spoils the effect rather. I shall read the manual and try again later.

Anyway, I'm off to write some words before Alistair Sim comes over all Scrooge on the electrical tele-viewing machine. Stay warm, my babies, God bless us, everyone. XXX

Yea Gods, is LJ still slow as drugged sloths and buggering about for everyone else? Plz tell me it's not just me.
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Only a dusting, no more than an inch of it but it's sunny and frosty-bright with a blue-pink sky, sugared trees and all rather gorgeous. We just got back from what should be the last shop (and there was much rejoicing!) - a few veggies, parsnips and Ted spuds for the roasties, sosmix for the sausage rolls, more cards, more port (since we drank what we bought last week) and the cheese! From my favourite Chorley cheesemonger

In other news - it's Christmas! Well, nearly. I've been trying to do pictures of my mantelpiece, they don't really do justice to its many Christmassy virtues but here goes anyway.Back now, warming up, crumpets and tea, the cat's arrived. I shall be venturing out again later to post the last cards, if the sun's still up I might do pictures.

Merry Fireplace says Merry Christmas!

Basement Cat is indifferent to your Christmas.

 I've tried it every which way but can't get anything to go under a cut, sorry about that. If the pictures are fannying with your LJ, let me know and I'll take em down. 
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5 hours editing the novel - you know, the one I thought I'd finished which I printed out and started checking and... oh dear.

Anyway, the tree is up! We are about to embark on the lights. Please pray for us.

And tis the BIRTHDAY of the most-estimable LUICAT! May your year be as gorgeous, as delightful and delicious as your good self, kitten. XXX
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