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Yes, my fellow Brits, we are very crap at footie, but who cares about that when we live on what is possibly (still) the coolest lump of stone on this planet? Oh yes, my babies, for we have Time Lords and they rock!

We also have NEW! Top Gear and Reliant Robins! Oh good gracious me, I thought I was going to die, if not of suffocation then the massive haemorrhaging caused by the lolz - And new IT Crowd! and Rev starting tonight. It is, indeed, good to be alive. If only it would rain, just a bit (I know, I know, I'm never satisfied, me but my rain barrel is down to its last smelly dregs and there's only so much you can do with a watering can and a bit of leaky hose that was bought in 1972).

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Fry and Laurie reunited!

My current level of squee could crack glass and end wars  it is so very mighty. ::nods:: I just wish it was a proper show, you know, of the old type. I'd swap any proper Fry and Laurie one-off special for every episode made of House or (bloody) Kingdom (a pox on both).
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for the next eleven days? For how else will I pass the time before the new series of the IT Crowd starts on June 25th?

Yes, I am absurdly excited ::see icon:: (that's my excited face)

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Someone please tell me this deeply pleasing vid is real and that I'm not hallucinating (for that would break my heart).

Boris Johnson vs the DJ.
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Dara O'Briain is currently tweeting to Ed Byrne about some slashfic he's been sent featuring the two of them.

"Ed threw his cigarette down and stubbed it out with his foot, his eyes leaving Dara, just for a second. Only a second, though"

I'm not posting the link. It's really poorly written, loads of clumsy "Irish" references e.g. "Looking shyly up from his pint of Guinness..."

And I find myself wondering, who amongst you is responsible for this outrage against taste and decency? No one's going home till the culprit owns up.

@daraobriain and @edbyrnecomedian - if you're on Twitter and feel the need.
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...taking a short break, I flip on Channel 4 and the afternoon film, Warlords of Atlantis where I find Michael Gothard! in a blonde wig and gorgeous silver frock, very Mary Quant.There's an awful lot of bronzed male thigh on show all over aamof, silvery Stig-like helmits and rubber sea-monsters and James Onedin! and Doug McClure!  Yea verily, the stupid is stupid and everything is very poor indeed and yet, I cannot look away!

Highly recommended.

But I must get back to my scrubbing, these cushions won't poof themselves.
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Will Self vs Richard Littlejohn on the Nicky Campbell show.

Transcript be here.

Yes, it's me again. I've been out and planted a greengage and some anemones but I'm back now.
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(and how wrong is that?) but here he is in a gloriously handmade interview talking about it.

And on 'Five Minutes' just being his usual wonderful self.

And yes, I should be working, I really should...

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Diaghilev to Nijinsky -

But it's years ahead of its time!

Well then why are we doing it now?

Riot at the Rite and Twitter-chat and yes, I am a bit bored, since you ask.

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Jo Brand, Sean Locke and David Mitchell on QI*

Yes, it's FRIDAY!, people, let us rejoice and be happy. Permission to make a kissy face and smooch you all most mercilessly...?

* Didn't Stephen enjoy saying 'doing a stretch'? Bless his Paul Smith cashmere socks.
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