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Is made of even purer, finer, bigger, better awesome than even hitherto presumed. Please sign his petition.

End bullfighting in Catalonia.
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The Guardian asked people for their messages to Our (two new) Great Leaders and upload them to Flikr and here they are. This is ongoing, so if you've got a message for NicknDave, feel free. Needless to say, this is causing a buzz on certain coms I might have mentioned yesterday which should lead to some interesting messages (hopefully).

I particularly like the peas in a pod one because it is slashy, satirical and deeply pertinent in a political way, all at the same time (and you can't say that very often).
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This is all just too naughty good not to pass on

There's now a com (of course there is!): [ profile] clameron - for all your C/C shipping needs (not sure I have the strength to sign up for that one yet, to tell the truth).

There's also [ profile] uk_lolitics  and some delightful news and features:

A Star Crossed Coalition

The BBC looks at the body language

What Dave and Nick said on the steps of #10

And omg! the more you delve the worse it gets - Election fandom, Boris Johnson slash? (my eyes! My eyes!!!)

Many, many thanks to the delightful [ profile] omphalos for finding most of the goodies listed above and starting the ball rolling. The slashtastic icon is by [ profile] shazz_chan and [ profile] omphalos .

Nick and Dave, can their love last? Watch this space...
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Anyone watching Newsnight? Minnie Ripperton!!!! Hahahahahaha!!!

Gosh golly, this is even more fun than the election!
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'Displays of affection'? - Nick and Dave, the slash is just writing itself, isn't it.

Need icon? Or is that just that  touch too disturbing...

ETA: Love ins, wedding cakes - C4 News is going with the same theme, Jon Snow's hearing wedding bells. This is getting scary.
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Your goodbye was dignified, graceful and moving.

Twitter's (rather predictably) on fire... )

No doubt this one will run and run, but I have an appointment with Chuck and a very stiff drink

ETA: It's official. Cameron's PM. oh bugger.
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Anyone else watching BBC1?
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This locking-out of voters is a bit of a rum do and no mistake and Penistone one of the constituencies who turned people away. There's going to be one heck of a stink about this for the forseeable, you mark my words. With any luck they'll declare the whole election null and void and we can have the fun of doing it all again next week and won't that be as delightful as a summer picnic, pop pickers? :o)

ETA: Twittering as events unfolded, @Raksky was prevented from voting in Sheffield. Really interesting Twitter - some serious shit is going to hit some truly massive fans over this.

ETA2: Peter Robinson has lost East Belfast! Holy bejezus ::she said ironically::
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have scratched my mark upon the scraps of paper with the blunt pencil provided. I've also been to Aldi for wine and chocolate, I have a feeling I'm going to feel the need. My palms are sweating. This election scares me.
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The leader's in the debate is fascinating.

But as usual, Twitter rules for the laughs.
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