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and I'm exiled upstairs, for the builders are here to fix the chimney/rip-up the kitchen ::cue sounds of filth, turmoil, mud and destruction:: I'm feeling a tad fed up when I see


and suddenly, there is good in the world again.

*Sunday-Monday, the deluge actually stopped for a whole 2 days in a row. Honest to God, there was actual sunlight all day long. I almost went mental.

ETA 14.30: There's been a huge wreck of dust and stone, everything reeks of wet soot. The new liner has become lodged in the tunnel of goats against a fallen stone deep in the chimney. The builder is currently bashing a hole in the spare-bedroom wall (occassional home to many a fangirl :) to free it. Lord knows how long this is all going to take to put right. ::holds head in hands:: On the bright side, he's fixed our drippy gutter while he was up the ladder so, swings and roundabouts. shitshitshitshit.

ETA2: 16.00: He's still here, still working poor chap, up and down the ladder and on to the roof in the pouring rain.
Pictorial evidence of our nightmare.

Kitchen chimney

In the kitchen...

Bedroom chimney

In the bedroom...


Oop  t' chimney.

It's still raining, too. ::laughs like a mad thing::
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YES!!!! ::does the victory shimmy::  The cox's all wet, a  river will do that. The brother of one of my bestest friends was Oxford cox in 1978 you know. Ah, boat race! I miss watching you with the crowd through the windows of Radio Rentals in the Harpur Centre, a delightfully collective experience, though the light blues rarely won back then.

Doctor Who tonight! And buttered crumpets! - I accept the latter might be a more personal experience.

I hope you're all having a gorgeous Easter weekend. It's fine and sunny, springlike and warm here in the blistered north (though there's still snow on the highest hills). The daffodils are finally out and there's the pleasing prospect of humongous amounts of chocolate and Jonathan Creek tomorrow. There are reasons to be glad.
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The Marmarati (Marmarati) is now following your tweets on Twitter.

Should I be afraid?
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I have a jar of Marmite XO, billed as a longer-matured, extra strong version of the usual strength, sticky brown elixir and it's unbe-bloody-lievably good!!! Maybe it's my ageing tastebuds but it's how I remember Marmite tasting when I was a kid.

I need more I tells you, more!!! Must make more toast at once. Oh dear God, half a teaspoonful and I'm already addicted. This is the good stuff, my babies, this is the very nectar of the Gods. I can't wait to try it with some good strong cheddar.

::exits pursued by an obsession::
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Only a dusting, no more than an inch of it but it's sunny and frosty-bright with a blue-pink sky, sugared trees and all rather gorgeous. We just got back from what should be the last shop (and there was much rejoicing!) - a few veggies, parsnips and Ted spuds for the roasties, sosmix for the sausage rolls, more cards, more port (since we drank what we bought last week) and the cheese! From my favourite Chorley cheesemonger

In other news - it's Christmas! Well, nearly. I've been trying to do pictures of my mantelpiece, they don't really do justice to its many Christmassy virtues but here goes anyway.Back now, warming up, crumpets and tea, the cat's arrived. I shall be venturing out again later to post the last cards, if the sun's still up I might do pictures.

Merry Fireplace says Merry Christmas!

Basement Cat is indifferent to your Christmas.

 I've tried it every which way but can't get anything to go under a cut, sorry about that. If the pictures are fannying with your LJ, let me know and I'll take em down. 
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It's been dark since eleven am but I am OK because I have my favourite slow-braised spicy veg and noodles which are incredibly yum. God bless you Aga, you may be the most expensive slo-cooker in the world, but you braise a beautiful vegetable. Your roast parsnips are pretty good too.

I feel there should be food porn but I'm too hungry.

Oh, and I have wine too. Best mention the wine. ::nods::

Stay warm and dry my babies, for the weather Gods be angry still.
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We are home! 

The sun is shining, but it's October so it's on the nippy side and we've lit the stove which means oven baked potatoes for supper! I have a mug of hot Ribena, skies are blue, the woods are looking gorgeous, life is good.

Mark has been streaming Radio Rebelde in the car, live from Cuba via the iphone which was - squeeful and exciting for about fifteen minutes; live news on parade-preps from Santiago and Santa Clara did lose novelty value rather quickly. With Cuban Radio in general (and Rebelde in particular) enough really is quite as good as a feast, rather more than enough to be entirely honest, but a happy Che-Day to you all, should you be celebrating today. *g*

Hamish update: wee doggie is still not himself but very much on the mend, though blood tests have shown a slightly reduced liver capacity. The new diet is on hold and he's condemned to eat chicken and (Tilda organic Basmati) rice for the next several days by order of the vet, poor lamb. Thanks so much for all your good wishes which I'll endeavour to answer asap.

Such a year for sloes! I picked a pound in no time at all yesterday, got scratched to pieces but there will be sloe gin again this Christmas, oh yes indeedy! It's been 3 years since we had a decent sloe harvest and I've missed my gin, deed I have.

Yesterday was my sister's birthday. Amongst other things we gave her the Help! DVD, fine wines and even finer chocs and was pleased to see her so delighted. She's a bugger of a time of it lately, she doesn't deserve it. I hope Dad gives her some peace this weekend so she can enjoy her various delights.

Also happy birthday John Lennon. You would have been 69 today, bless your heart.

And Barak Obama, WTF?!
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Or rather Mark's loaf since he made it. First produce of the new stove! Not a v good picture I'm afraid, done on the iphone via Twitter. I shall endeavour to do better as soon as the camera battery charges.

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are in the market today! I loves them, I do. *G* I bought 3lbs - the season is so short. They're so fragrant, the kitchen smells delightful.

Still thinking constantly of our beloved [ profile] betagoddess; finding it hard to think of much else tbh.

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That if you eat a Kiwi, then drink a mug of strong, Colombian coffee, the Kiwi does something to your tastebuds that makes the coffee take on  subtle smoky flavours I've never encountered in this blend before.One of those Blumenthal-type chemistry  things,I imagine. Whatever it is, it tastes really nice.

I'm prevaricating again, aren't I?

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