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panik ([personal profile] panik) wrote2010-06-14 04:38 pm
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Any chance of getting myself buried in a glacier

for the next eleven days? For how else will I pass the time before the new series of the IT Crowd starts on June 25th?

Yes, I am absurdly excited ::see icon:: (that's my excited face)

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Hee I didn't know the new series premiered on the 25th! Awesome, thanks for the heads up :-)

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I'm pretty sure I could come up with 11 days worth of house cleaning and reorganizing, if you'd like to drop everything and wander over to this side of the pond!

There's a nice cat to pet, and all the fanfic you can read (after the cleaning, that is).

I promise you won't think about the new series. You might however be driven to consider fangirl murder *VBG*