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A salutary reminder.

Yes, my fellow Brits, we are very crap at footie, but who cares about that when we live on what is possibly (still) the coolest lump of stone on this planet? Oh yes, my babies, for we have Time Lords and they rock!

We also have NEW! Top Gear and Reliant Robins! Oh good gracious me, I thought I was going to die, if not of suffocation then the massive haemorrhaging caused by the lolz - And new IT Crowd! and Rev starting tonight. It is, indeed, good to be alive. If only it would rain, just a bit (I know, I know, I'm never satisfied, me but my rain barrel is down to its last smelly dregs and there's only so much you can do with a watering can and a bit of leaky hose that was bought in 1972).

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Reliant Robins??? What are they planning now???

{grumbles over how long they will take to get here...}

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I don't know if you want me to spoil...I don;t know how many times you can repeat the same gag over and over and it never grow old and just get funnier and funnier.

Can you not 'acquire' it? I know I would.

The piece in q. is already on YT:

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We have a slow connection :(

Mind you, I may have a spare 10 minutes at work tomorrow....

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The best bit is in that YT clip.
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Top Gear made me cry *g* And my water butt has already run dry, dammit.

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Who made you cry, chucky? I was mildly alarmed by Mr. James May's foolish venture but that and burning tyres aside...

It's raining! It's raining here and everything smells glorious. I have hopes for the replenishment of the water butt.
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Rain! If you lean out your window and blow, and I lean out my window and suck, you think it would come thisaway?

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We can but try. ::takes a deep breath::

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Oh! Just catching up, and saw this post... I saw that Top Gear ep! Almost wet myself laughing at the Reliant every time it fell over, especially as we had actually seen one earlier in the week and wondered WTH it was.
And IT Crowd! On British telly! The 25th was a red-letter day, I can tell you.