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Computer trouble, folders refusing to open or worse, reading ' this folder is empty' (cue the weeping and wailings of deepest despair). 3 days later, operating system has been re-installed and upgraded, all appears to be well (though aren't th'internets frustrating before you re-install add blocker? Just look at all those gyrating torsos and invitations to 'Trojans R Us'. Here be Dragons and Demons indeed. Goodness, I had no idea such things existed. Such a sheltered life...)

Anyway, I'm back. Life is much improved (wheeee! I'd forgotten lappy could do things this fast!  I'd rather got used to using egg timers and a sundial to track operations), work may re-commence and gosh, there you all are! How nice to see you all again. ::waves::

*waves back* Welcome...

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back to the land of the crazies!

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Yikes, that sounds horrible! I'm glad you got it worked out.

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Nice to see you..To see you, nice! Sorry, got carried away there for a moment.

Glad everything has worked out. ::Waves back ::

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Hello! *waves back* Nice to see you again!

Internet adverts are very.... educational, aren't they?

have you encountered any for X-Tube yet??

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Yoo hoo! *waves*

Enjoying Shooting Stars?

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::waves back::

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That doesn't sound good - hope you didn't lose anything too vital.
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::clasps you firmly back into heaving bosom::