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Computer trouble, folders refusing to open or worse, reading ' this folder is empty' (cue the weeping and wailings of deepest despair). 3 days later, operating system has been re-installed and upgraded, all appears to be well (though aren't th'internets frustrating before you re-install add blocker? Just look at all those gyrating torsos and invitations to 'Trojans R Us'. Here be Dragons and Demons indeed. Goodness, I had no idea such things existed. Such a sheltered life...)

Anyway, I'm back. Life is much improved (wheeee! I'd forgotten lappy could do things this fast!  I'd rather got used to using egg timers and a sundial to track operations), work may re-commence and gosh, there you all are! How nice to see you all again. ::waves::
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It's looking suspiciously like You Tube is to blame for my computer troubles. Having tentatively re-installed Mozilla - no problems - and my favourite fonts - no problems - I've been back to You Tube and within 12 hours, my sound and video files have been corrupted and the cursor trouble returned - re-installed the files, restarted, the comp; checked all was well (ticks boxes) - went back to You Tube - re-corrupted! O:

This is a blow. I use YT a lot and I'm not really sure why this is happening. I'm assuming something they're uploading is conflicting with my drivers. I've had java issues in the past, but never so severely as of late, and never so badly that I had the computer's most basic functions so badly affected.

Trouble is,  I'm a writer and the main reason I have this laptop is to do my job, and the jumping cursor was seriously messing with my ability to work and stay sane, so... I guess I'll have to forego YT for the forseeable, which saddens me deeply, but I just can't take the risk of my 'late troubles' happening again. )o:

Has anyone else had this problem?
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I know I've done a fair bit of moaning about my laptop lately - the damn thing's only a year old and has been failing at a terrific rate and yesterday, it got seriously nouty on my arse and, cut a long and terribly tragic story short, I've had to strip it all down, reinstall Windows and now it's working on the very barest bones of laptopedness; I'm having to re-install each application and prog, one at a time and test it thoroughly until it becomes apparent what's causing the trouble. Could be a clash of programs; could be a single infected somethingorother... who knows? Won't know till I hit trouble again.

Right now, all I have on here is IE and Word and all's well for the time being. I'm back in business my babies - it's been lonely without y'all.

::heaves sigh of relief::
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My computer started to behave very erratically last week. I ignored it - hoped for the best (the way you do). Anyway, my laissez-faire bit me in the bum over the weekend. The comp was logging me off whenever I got online, then randomly flashed up loads of windows, at the speed of light. Mark and I went through everything; made all the usual checks, took it back to old pre-problem settings - didn't work - then tried it in safe mode, when it promptly went into meltdown with the cursor refusing to obey commands; making the comp. totally unusable.

So today I had to back everything up (ha! she laughed hollowly), strip it down and re-install windows. Which seems to have done the trick and cured the thing, but I've lost so much that I forgot to back-up; all my bookmarks, my email archive... other stuff... ::sniff::

So, I'm functioning and online again, but it's going to take me weeks to restore everything I've lost. ::is very sad:: )o:

OTOH, one of the contestants on Britain's Top Dog tonight is called Pinga...  In Cuba, that means Penis... Penis the dog... ::snort, snicker, heh heh heh heh::
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