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The aforementioned new chapter for Alpha and Omega in which Jim and Blair take a bath, is now up for grabs.

2,000+ words of olive oil, steam and sex.
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...It started out as an orgasm for Caro, but it got too long so I'm putting it up in the auction.

'Tis a new chapter for  Alpha & Omega - a missing scene - in which Jim and Blair take a bath; lots of olive oil, steam and strigils. 2,000 words of pure porn.

Alpha and Omega is here, if you haven't read it (and would like to).

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The WIP formerly known as 'Carthage', now Alpha and Omega, is up at  852. Hopefully I can get it up on m'website too, later today.

But now I have to go and plaster a bathroom wall. Wish me well.

ETA: Just checked back and all kinds of silly glitches have slipped in. Why does that always happen when I switch a Word doc for a text one? Sheesh. It's not bad enought to bother re-loading, but irritating, after such a careful beta. hey ho.
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And so, our story ends - maybe(?) - with the final piece of chapter 16.


I've worked and worked on it, and it still feels unfinished to me. [profile] alibongo reckons it ends nicely where it does, with the 'alpha and omega'  bit,  and needs no more. I'm just not so sure. )o:

Any thoughts would be mightily appreciated.
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Begins its inexorable sweep towards the end with the start of chapter 16.

This is just the start, there's a more - the best bit, the smarm-filled, sticky with sweet honey loveliness bit  - is still to come. Sorry it's taking so long, Christmas, RL - stuff, you know how it is.

Hope you enjoy this bit, anyway.
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The second part of Chapter 15 - the penultimate bit, can be found HERE...

I hope y'all enjoy it (o:
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Continues with the start of chapter 15.

I think I might need help again. I'm still not entirely happy with this bit  - I never really am, am I, with the heavy, soul-searchy bits of major angst? ::G::  Anything you think should be changed / cut / expounded on / better explained - whatever... please feel free to lay into this chapter in whatever way you feel best.

My esteemed co-writer [profile] alibongo says - and I hope she won't mind if I quote; "the sun/stars bit is a tad over smarmed perhaps, but as per story it works."
Is it? Over smarmed?? Can a story be over smarmed??? ::is full of doubt and question marks::

Any advice appreciated. Thanking you all in advance.  As soon as I can get this bit done to my satisfaction, I can move on to poor Simon's bit of angst. Ah, that poor man. He's waited so long to redeem himself. (o:

Man. I'm struggling with a mad internet connection today! One minute it's working better than ever;  the next, not at all. It's been like this since last night - the only place I can consistently get on is up here in the spare room, sitting right next to the router. So, if you don't hear from me for some reason, it's not cos I'm ignoring you, I'm just not logged on for a bit. I'm really, really, really hoping we can get this fixed soon cos it's driving me NUTS!!!
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Readers of That Roman Thing, I salute thee!

I have wrestled long and hard with this mighty tale, O Beloved Followers of this sorry tale of woe, and do believe I hath finally overcome it with mine mighty keyboard

 MMDIX  words of Hell, in the shape of Chapter 14; 'A MIghty Angst', may finally be read here.

I beseech thee, O Great Ones, that thy might cast thine divine eyes upon these miserable scriblings and tell thy humble servant if it please thee.

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Goes on, with a short interlude of angst and violence as chapter 13 concludes.

Oh dear. Poor Jim. Whatever next, huh?
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Continues here with a short little snippet - all I've been able to get around to so far. Sorry, it's been a busy week.
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