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Now that the list is complete, I'd like to thank the (omg!) 27generous people who donated to Moonridge for the story  [ profile] fluterbev and I are writing together. $540 for the animals! Unbelievable! Thank you all so very much.

I'll be emailiing you all later with details of when you can (hopefully) expect to get your story.

Thank you all, you rock like the Himalayas!

ETA: Not complete for there are more, a total 29 now; $580! Beyond awesome, thank you all so much!

ETA 17.06.09: For the record, 31 contributors, $620!!!

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and I do as I'm told.

OK, PIMPING FOR MOONRIDGE, People!  [ profile] fluterbev and I are offering a joint-authored story:

Decimated, a 10th Anniversary slash story.
It’s ten years since the events of TSbyBS. Blair is far from Cascade, living an apparently normal life. In reality, he lives in the shadows, afraid to be seen, obsessed with security, terrified of strangers; in constant fear that ‘someone’ is out to get him. He hasn’t seen Jim for almost ten years – but Jim has issues of his own.

It's itemGMS#15-SF and a $20 donation gets you a copy. 

See the details on Aly's LJ

The Auction itself be here

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Look at me, on my arse, drinking a rather fine Rioja in the middle of the day, how can this be? I finished cleaning, the house gleams like seven kinds of shiny, had a shower and, smelling sweetly of Penhaligon's Bluebell and in my pj's I thought, why not?

I haven't updated for a bit. progress on all ongoing projects is hardly impressive, but steady. No Zokuto word meter because... O:! WHY???

That naughty slice of creamy lit called Entanglement is coming along well, plot and characters taking shape nicely: 68,549 words completed of an est. 200,000 which my calculator tells me = 34.3%

That seemingly endless TS fic, Blue marches on apace, still on schedule for completion in May:
92,591 words; 65%

And despite previous protestations, I may have found myself involved in a fic for Moonridge. Honest to gawd, Doctor, I have no idea how it happened! I just slipped and found myself buried inside this gratuitous piece of extreme Blair-angst! - I can tell ee I do not work alone, another TS writer of infamy and renown be involved in this appalling crime against nature. No estimates available at this time as I has no idea, my lovelies, how long twill be when tis done (why am I suddenly talking like a pirate? O:!)  Ahaharrrr! Oooh arrrr!

But now I must away for I has ficly blurb to be a writin' for this here scurvy tale, deed I do. ::hobbles off on wooden leg. Hits head on low beam due to restricted field of view caused by eye-patch. Utters most sore an' wrathful curses, arrrrrrrr.::

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The aforementioned new chapter for Alpha and Omega in which Jim and Blair take a bath, is now up for grabs.

2,000+ words of olive oil, steam and sex.
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...It started out as an orgasm for Caro, but it got too long so I'm putting it up in the auction.

'Tis a new chapter for  Alpha & Omega - a missing scene - in which Jim and Blair take a bath; lots of olive oil, steam and strigils. 2,000 words of pure porn.

Alpha and Omega is here, if you haven't read it (and would like to).

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And I've only just logged on; this has to be a first for me. Been writing porn for Moonridge; kept me nice and busy for hours, that has.

All done now, though  ::she smiled sweetly to herself:: Time to get on with some proper work. (o:

ETA: 5.15... Gosh golly, you've all been busy this weekend! New fic all over the place... So much for work. (o;
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...Is live (I think? I get a bit lost in the time zones sometimes).

I have two things in the special auction, both one-off payments to be on the comms for my coming WIPs (I write as Panik, btw (thought I'd better mention that, to avoid confusion ::G::)

A donation of $10
gets you into Special Auction Item #17$5 A slashfic in which Blair goes to the academy, but will not become a cop - the story moves on way beyond that whole 'academy' thang. It's about 2/3 sketched out and ready to roll; I expect it to be another of my rambling epics (o: I can promise plenty of angst, possibly some h/c. This will be the first one I tackle after auction's end. (This one has been listed twice, btw. It's also down as  Item #21$10)

For a donation of $5
, I'll put you on the comm for the third (final?) part of the Chasing Rainbows trilogy, which will be slash. Part two's still being written and I won't work on this one till that one's done and posted, hence the bargain price. ::G::

All details come courtesy of [personal profile] alyburns to whom, bow down and give salutations for her work organising this each and every year. Many, many thanks, hon.

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...most shamelessly. Well, everyone on my flist seems to be doing it - who am I to be left out?

The Moonridge auction gets underway on May 19th; despite not having finished last years stories yet (soon, I swear; honestly, I'm writing them, I am!), I've got a couple of things on offer.

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I've been really busy, what with one thing and another - between the house and my book and a couple of fics and a long weekend of squee - it feels like a long time since I was able to browse around LJ so if I owe you an answer or comment on a fic, I'm sorry - I've been like the uber-beaver lately, but I'm hoping to catch up in the next couple of days.

And despite still writing my stories for last year's auction (blushes furiously), I finally got around to sending my Moonridge offerings to Aly. I'm going with the WIP idea - I'm all yours, my darlings for the sum of $10 - for the next one up - or $5 if you're willing to wait for the one after that. I am so cheap. I am a fic harlot. I am the doxy of fic.

Well, that tired little update has exhausted me. I'm off to fix myself something warm, milky and soothing and do a wee bit of me fic before the telly gets good (it's the dog-training thing at eight, then a new version of Diary of a Nobody that I'm anxious to see).

I hope everyone else is happy and well and bathing in the good vibes. Peace and love, my babies.

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I'm thinking about Moonridge. The auction's up and I haven't  offered anything yet; I do mean to, I haven't because of my complete and utter shame at having failed to finish the two stories I offered last year, yet, and the one that's almost done has no winner - nope, Terry/Mariojoe has apparently...

a) been abducted by aliens
b) been hanged for piracy on the South China Seas
c) left the fandom

So now I have a soon-to-be-completed story of dark doings and massive angst and no one to give it to. Ideas, anyone, please?

I really do want to offer stories for this year's auction but, bearing in mind I still have a massive Rainbows sequel to complete for my other auction winner, and my less than sterling performance in completing my dues this year, I'm a wee bit nervous about offering too much, over-stretching myself and being unable to deliver.

One idea I had was to offer my next story as a WIP - putting it in a community and offering access in the auction. eg, a set sum of cash to Moonridge gets you on my community list so you can read the WIP (and offer segments as email for the non-LJers out there). I could do at least one, maybe two stories that way, which would be less pressure for me, but would people pay for that, do you think? And how much should I charge?

Cos otherwise, I'm truly at a loss. I thought about offering stories of 5,000 words but - I have to face the fact that that's never going to happen. 50,000 maybe; 5,000? Forget it! ::sigh::

Any other ideas would be welcomed with grovelling, snivelling, everso 'umble gratitude.