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Fry and Laurie reunited!

My current level of squee could crack glass and end wars  it is so very mighty. ::nods:: I just wish it was a proper show, you know, of the old type. I'd swap any proper Fry and Laurie one-off special for every episode made of House or (bloody) Kingdom (a pox on both).
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I had a moth trapped in my bath.

Srzly. I had to help it out with a glass and an envelope. Does no one manufacture a ladder for such emergencies?

IT Crowd people will understand.
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When I'm watching Ed Balls on Andrew Marr in chat with fangirls for laffs. This feels wrong.

Hello everyone! It's Sunday, the sun is shining - well, it is here, anyway. It feels like a long time since I engaged with you all, I hope you're all well, having fun... Speak to me, children, how is life treating you this delightful summer morn?::needs Fotherington Thomas icon::

Google is coming up empty on the FT front - help me someone!

ETA: Can has icon!
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for the next eleven days? For how else will I pass the time before the new series of the IT Crowd starts on June 25th?

Yes, I am absurdly excited ::see icon:: (that's my excited face)

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That was pretty damn splendid in my oh so humble, probably my favourite ep so far,

and not really spoiling I don't think but cutting just in case )

How can it get any better than this? Honestly? I mean it. Seriously. I need to know what you think. ::nods::

Oh, and - Captain Troy Handsome. ::snerk:: Best line of the series so far. *G* Oh my, I am loving this Doctor!
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It's June, you know, summer? So plz to be telling me why it feels more like bloody November out there? At least we've been spared the tornadoes this time. I hope East Anglian flisters are safe and well.

I smell woodsmoke on the howling, wind-soaked gales breeze, a neighbour has clearly caved...

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Is made of even purer, finer, bigger, better awesome than even hitherto presumed. Please sign his petition.

End bullfighting in Catalonia.
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Together in a single episode! What could possibly go wrong (nothing, obviously)? If you take Blackadder out of the equation, certainly the best thing Richard Curtis has ever written by miles. ;)

That was pretty damn wonderful, imo, even though the death of Enormous Terry-Gilliam Space-Chicken-Thing broke my heart and wasn't Amy a little under-dressed for 1889 and apparently Van Gogh bore a strong resemblance to Conan O Brien, who'd've guessed? But this Doctor just grows and grows, I can't wait to see what's going to happen to him in the future.

'Maybe you've had enough coffee now'. Best line in ages.
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He's huge and rather stately. I shall call him Ozymandias.

In other news: the back still hurts but the meds are good, and speaking of drugs, Coventry Telegraph, what are you on??!
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Someone please tell me this deeply pleasing vid is real and that I'm not hallucinating (for that would break my heart).

Boris Johnson vs the DJ.
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