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...Of walking a mostly-blind dog in wet snow in the almost-dark when school's turning out.

Almost an inch deep now. Buggerbuggerbugger.

We're still planning to drive back to Withnell tomorrow - srzly, they're going to have to close the M62 to stop us, we are so ready to be home already!

I am, however, starting to wibble about the proposed weekend in Matlock. I mean, the met office are saying the snow will be gone by the weekend, but then they said this weather wouldn't be here till tomorrow teatime so once again, I point my angry finger in a south-westerly direction and indicate by means of semaphore and Aldis lamp that they are made of purest  F.A.I.L.

ETA: Oh, now  you change your forecast NOW you issue your warnings. Bit  bloody late when there's already an inch of the stuff on the ground, y'shower of bastards!
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The new Who logo is a bit pants. I wish I hadn't looked, I feel mildly depressed now, but I suppose I'll always have my Troughton DVDs for comfort.


In the meantime, porridge + golden syrup is a fine and goodly thing on an Autumn morning. I am about to book a Matlock cabin weekend for myself and the friends who did not shun me. It rains, but it's warm inside. I find ideas are flooding in for a new novel. Life ticks on with its many pains and pleasures.There is absolutely no reason for this post and I feel I must apologise.
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From my twice-a-yearly fangirl trip to Matlock (had a wonderful time, thanks). Went to see Forgetting Sarah Marshall (Russell wonderful as per,  the rest of the movie decidedly weak). So... catching up this morning with an insane quantity of emails; I haven't even got close to catching up to LJ yet (what busy bunnies you all are (o:)

While I was away, we lost Humphrey Littleton. This is gutting news. Who is going to chair the show now (I vote for Barry Cryer myself)?

Due to an extended and ill-timed trip to Sainsbury's, I missed a goodly chunk of Doctor Who - it's downloading as I type so, no spoilers please.

And Garett is going to be in CSI Miami and no one is talking about this on LJ. WHY??? I am full of squee and need to vent. What is wrong with you people? *g*
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...From one fantabadoozy fannish weekend in Matlock - as is [profile] alibongoPity, though, the poor [personal profile] suemc who is, as I write, trolling her long, weary way down the M1.

Twice a year, me and m' Alias Smith and Jones posse get together in a cabin in the Derbyshire hills. This year, though our numbers were sadly depleted by pregnancy and visiting Australian relatives, we still managed to have a fantastic time.

We've been doing this twice a year since spring 2003, and, though the ASJishness of our squee has become a more multi-fandom affair, it hasn't dulled our fangirl enthusiasm. Everyone happily embraced each other's fannishness, mixing the Pete n Ben love with new enthusiasms - The others sat and listened patiently as me, Ali and Sue went onandonandon about Garett and Richard and our massive TS obsession while the rest of us got down with Sheila and Linda's strangely compelling passion for the one known to us as Dancing Cricketer Guy. We all gathered around a toasty hot TV, Saturday night, to watch their man dance his socks off on Strictly Come Dancing. DCG survived the round, so, twas with a happy glow we all sat down to howl like banshees at the deliciously cheesy Chamelion - a major cross-fandom event in that it was written, directed and produced by the great Glen Larson, had Richard Burgi with hair and  Roger Davis, who, in a piece of sweet irony, played Danny Bilson in Alias Smith and Jones. His groin made us turn away in horror, though we enjoyed watching him burn at the end of the film ::smiles in happy memory::

Anyway, we are returned, exhausted but happy. I desperately need a few weeks of non fannish RL now. Really, my squee is tired and needs must rest.
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