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...From a delightful day chez [ profile] alibongo where Mark, wearing his Maurice Moss IT trousers, did do mighty battle with computer and WiFi for many hours before getting it all to work and I chatted to ali of many things and admired her new chickens.

Have wine, have quorn sausage and mash, Top Gear in 15 minutes. Life be good.

Awful hot ain't it?

ETA: But not as hot as Top Gear tonight. omg, teh massive gay and James' penis is the star of the show!

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Back from a truly delightful day in Lancaster with [ profile] fluterbev and [personal profile] mrs_tilford 

The sun shone, skies were blue, the company unsurpassed. A day with the delectable [ profile] fluterbev is always a fine and goodly thing but today we were able to add the adorable [personal profile] mrs_tilford  to the list of honarary doxies. A day spent simply  drinking coffee, enjoying lunch and chatting endlessly and one of the loveliest days of my life.

Wow. LJ is being a cow today. Trying again...

Nope. Half the pix are just not appearing. I'm going to have to start again in a fresh post.
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Whilst squeefully awaiting the arrival of La [ profile] fluterbev to my country residence for a Bank Holiday Weekend! of fun, I have been making myself useful and getting in the vittals...

Fangirl Fridge mark 2 )

Fangirl kitchen table )

Amongst a great many other things, I'm looking forward to introducing my favourite doxy to the delights of Withnail and I which, she tells me, she has never seen O:!

PS: Any idea when you might be arriving my lovely? We shall of course, be there to meet you at the station (Get in the back of the van!!!)

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That is all.

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Eating chocolate and watching Joe 90!

[ profile] fluterbev wants it to be known that she is having a little grinky.

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[ profile] luicat has arrived with chocolate, cream soda and mor wine! The squee is gale force 10!
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Just finished a spot on BBC Breakfast and now with Catherine Tate, doing Wossy's radio show this am; guests, Paul Merton, The Proclaimers and Le Barrowman. What could be nicer for a fangirl weekend? 

...I ask my companion, sitting beside me on the sofa who will no doubt be commenting any minute now.

Heh heh heh. Fangurl weekends ftw.
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[ profile] fluterbev and me, and we're wondering if some of you Merkins out there could advise - what would be a Joe Average sort of a car, anonymous; the sort of thing no one would look twice at in the street, but with a very roomy trunk? (ooh what a giveaway) ::cue Burgi laugh:: heh heh heh.

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...In approx 20 minutes for a fabulous fangirl/writerly/ghostly loooooooong! Easter weekend. Got to take the bus into t'Chorley as Mark has taken the wee car in for a damn good servicing (makes obligatory Whorrrrrr! noises, does required Leslie Phillips impressions and etc.)

You shall not see my like again my heels for dust, till Easter Monday anyhow.

Have fun, play nice, don't play with matches, do play with chocolate and little fluffy bunnies and I shall see you, as one is wont to say on such occassions - on the other side - Unless there be internet on the train in which case - in about 70 minutes. heh heh.

Bluebys - the next chapter is almost written; I hope to post as usual.
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Experienced this weekend =

Number of words added to the tally of my novel = 2,630 (holy shit, that be BAD)
Number of words added to the tally of my wip  = 176 (sorry!)
Number of new! TS-fic ideas currently haunting my brane = 1 (but it's a doozy!)

Number of emails received asking what's happened to The Temple website = 6

Number of Cream Eggs consumed  = 4

Number of eppys of The IT Crowd watched  = 6
Number of Arthur of the Britons ep.s watched = 14
Number of times Michael Gambon's wig was spotted in an episode of Arthur of the Britons = 12
Number of times Rowena appears in Arthur of the Britons = Too. Bloody. Many.

Number of tv-based obsessions currently fogging my psyche = 6.

Amount of fun had = incalculable! 

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