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I've still not finished the 2nd draft, a major disappointment as I was rather hoping to have had the submission ready and have it out to agents this weekend (she laughed in a hollow fashion). It's taking way longer than I'd thought because I keep running into wee holes that need filling so it's been at most, a chapter a day. Only two to go now though but nothing will be done over the weekend as I'm heading in an easterly direction for [ profile] alibongo 's Abigail's Party. An evening of kaftans and platforms, Miner's blue eyeshadow and Blue Nun, Twiglets, Cinzano and bits of cheese and pineapple stuck in a grapefruit, Marc and David and Bootsy Collins. Some Demis Roussos might creep in there too, but no olives (because they'e horrible, aren't they? Nobody likes olives, Lawrence.)

It is going to be awesome. It has to be, how could it not?

And now it's time for cocoa and bed. Sleep tight, shipmates.

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...In approx 20 minutes for a fabulous fangirl/writerly/ghostly loooooooong! Easter weekend. Got to take the bus into t'Chorley as Mark has taken the wee car in for a damn good servicing (makes obligatory Whorrrrrr! noises, does required Leslie Phillips impressions and etc.)

You shall not see my like again my heels for dust, till Easter Monday anyhow.

Have fun, play nice, don't play with matches, do play with chocolate and little fluffy bunnies and I shall see you, as one is wont to say on such occassions - on the other side - Unless there be internet on the train in which case - in about 70 minutes. heh heh.

Bluebys - the next chapter is almost written; I hope to post as usual.
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posted by [personal profile] panik at 05:24pm on 31/08/2007 under
From a fabulous week at [profile] alibongo's with a host of fangirls including [personal profile] luicat, [personal profile] suemc, Siouxie (one of the original Last Men Standing), Louise and Sally, who came all the way from Sacramento to hang with some of this country's leading drunks, reprobates and doxies.

We did Southwell Minster, a boat trip up the Trent, York, Eyam, Stanton Moor stone circle (got lost on the moors (o:), Creswell Crag Caves and  an inordinate number of pubs and tea rooms; watched TS, watched the start of Starship Troopers2 (soon decided to just watch all the Richard bits and skip the rest), watched Galaxy Quest  and Withnail and I, enjoyed some World-class kitten-fighting and consumed an unbelievable quantity of food, snacks, coffee and grink.

Thanks be to ali for the usual wonderful time, and all the fangirls for making life such fun. Hope you're all home OK and drying out recovering nicely. (o:
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I'm celebrating our national day by shopping at Tesco, which seems somehow apt. Ha. Ha. (o:

Well, I'm back from my weekend of squee; very squeeful it was too. We went to see The Osmonds, David Cassidy and David Essex in Birmingham, then slashed-up Alias Smith and Jones under the influence of grink. It doesn't get much better than that. Bwahahahahaha!  
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... Or long weekend anyway, in the warm and welcoming bosom of [profile] alibongo at her wonderful house with its cats and chickens and all-round wonderful loveliness, in the company of [personal profile] suemc and other fangirls, doing what fangirls do best; eating and laughing and basking in the squee.

So I'm a bit behind with writing and LJ - I just got back; I'm catching up slowly... Apologies, if I owe you.

I hope you've all had a great weekend, too. ::sends love and RAINBOW kisses to flist:: XXX
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