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So I'm watching 'Life' while I eats me lunch and spot Amber and Naomi; almost made me spurt soup. Gave me quite the warm glow of nostalgia.

Arr but tis a dark and gloomy day today,shipmates. Stay warm and dry.

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They have a new home now courtesy of the adorable [ profile] tehomet all blessings be upon her.

The site is HERE.  These are the same files I had on the Temple website. The episodes are all digital recordings from UK SciFi so they're pretty good quality and as far as I can tell, they're all uncut. Media Tour, Trash and etc. all there too, so please do go and check it out.

Yes, I am still alive, I'm still on a push to finish the novel and consequently keeping my head mostly in the 'down' position. I may emerge eventually, I may yet write fic again, but for the time being, I'm trying to avoid the munificent distractions of internetly pleasures till this baby be birthed.

I hope you're all keeping well and that Americans had a pleasant long weekend. Please take this smooch as a token of my esteem till we chance to meet again. Mmmmmmmm XXXXXXX!!XXXXXX!!!! nice! *g*

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I've posted Blue. Here it is.

- Only to 852 at the moment (and yes, it's riddled with the inevitable glitches, why can't I ever get it right? Why?!) but soon to ASR3, I hope and also a new website (coming soon).

I started writing Blue 2 years ago when 20 people contributed $10 to watch this monster get written on a private LJ com, with another 5 getting their updates by email. [ profile] betagoddess , [ profile] fluterbev , [ profile] luicat , [ profile] snycock , [ profile] slipperieslope , [ profile] shiredancer , [ profile] lear1027 , [personal profile] t_verano , [ profile] patk , [ profile] earth2skye ,[profile] tany_z , [ profile] alibongo , [ profile] suemc , [ profile] monkeyfun1 , [ profile] debmc , [profile] still_ra ,[ profile] jazzybea47 , [ profile] juneb , [ profile] artemis54  and [personal profile] ponders_life on LJ. Also Mariojoe, Terry O'Donnell, Gloria Ainsworth, Cynthia and the lovely Gerri - who have all been so generous with their comment  and suggestions and have greatly added to the story and I thank them all.

Special thanks to the magnificent [ profile] runriggers for one of the most rapid betas I've ever had, ever!

If you're planning to read it, be warned it's 126,000 words long and it's angsty. You would  expect it to be, I suppose, angst is my MO, but Blue is mega-angst of galactic proportions. I didn't intend it to be quite so very packed with pain, it was sort of an accident. Sorry.

It's slash but in its very mildest forms. There's nothing much there, really, that would mither even the terribly sensitive.

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When you see THIS and your first, most immediate thoughts are not of the former PM and his lover* Chancellor.

*I am so sorry, I can't apologise enough. Wow. Whatever was I thinking? That image... That's going to stay with me all evening unfortunately.

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I just clicked on to Yahoo to check m'messages and saw the above. Just for a second, there... *G* Gave me quite a thrill. It was quite like old times.

Alas, they're talking about the other one, you know, the censored for language and implied threat

People who read Blue - another chapter's well underway. The novel comes on apace - 7,313 words in 2 days. Yadda yadda yadda. Life, you know?

::lifts g&t::  It's very quiet out there, are you all OK?

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[ profile] polly_b  made a post about her 6th anniversary posting Sentinel fic, which made me go and check when mine might be and LO! Would you believe, t'was yesterday! The Sentinel Affair, posted to Cascade Library, Dec. 2nd 2005.

Three delightful years filled with a host of incredible friends - it's had its ups and downs and I'm not as active as once I was but I wouldn't want to be anywhere else but this wonderful fandom.

Sending you all some heavy-duty, industrial-strength Luuurve vibes  XXX

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The Real Deal to m'website; 202mb.

And that's the last episode - they're all there now. If you're ever  in need of an (as far as I can tell) uncut eppy, you know where to go. (o:

If anyone's got a request, something TS-related you're longing to see, let me know and if I have it, I'll try and upload it for you.

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For the TS peeps (you have to scroll down a bit).

Blair-Cop loses his gun? This is news? heh heh. I'm not ashamed to admit I bought a copy. I need it on a T shirt.

Links are back. This is good.

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Chez [profile] alibongo with delightful fangurl company in the comely forms of friend-from-another-fandom Louise and [personal profile] suemc in which we ate long breakfasts, drank much tea, coffee and wine, ate Toblerones and Thorntons chocs, visited Southwell, bought doughnuts and sweeties, fed chickens, nursed cats, viewed much art and had cream teas.

In short, we did many things that involved eating and/or drinking.

We also watched Cruise of the Gods together - I firmly believe every fan should see CotG at least once before they die, it speaks to the fan inside like nothing else. I hadn't realised it was out on DVD and so many extras! I just ordered it so, bloopers, commentary and missing scenes next time we meet, my lovelies?
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Is now on m'website. 209mb, wmv.

Only three left to go. (o:

Just taking a break from the garden. It's like armageddon out there right now. I've cut my finger and I'm blistered all over. There may be pictures later...
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