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Today's ticky-list completed and it's only half-past six!

The chimney sweep's been called and booked for the week after next. The finishing touches to the sitting room - lights, switches and such stuff - all done. The kitchen walls and woodwork washed and scrubbed. A coat of white gloss painted on the kitchen door. Yellow walls undercoated, pink walls washed. The floor washed down with the uber-powerful stone-washy stuff ready for a re-seal as soon as it's dry and last but very far from least, a fresh coat of paint dabbed on the decidedly yellow ceiling...

'From which I had to retire, hurt  (well, sick anyway). I had the same odd reaction to looking up while painting - I don't know if it's the looking-up bit or the paint fumes, or maybe a combo of both but I came over all queer and had to leave Mark to finish up alone.

So, all showered now, I'm just going to throw some quorn sausages on the grill and toss some salad, crack open the wine and relax a bit.

In other news...
Lucy Luck has rejected my novel )
Tomorrow, we shop for lights and tiles, buy some paint and slap said paint on some walls. But now it's time for sausages and wine.

So, anything good on t'telly tonight?

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So why are we both so shattered?

Made an early start - moved all the furniture and gubbins out of the kitchen. Made a little workstation in the still-stripped-out sitting room so we can continue to eat and make tea while the kitchen's wet/dusty/manky/filled with noxious chemical fumes.

Went to bloody BIG! B&Q in Bamber Bridge this time for all our housely needs. Still couldn't get a light for the stairs though; their lighting designers really don't account for tall people living under low ceilings. ::sigh:: Side trips to Matalan and Aldi took us into rush hour but hey ho the nonny, we're home at last, showered, with cups of espresso, camped in the bedroom. I have cooked sauce for pasta so dinner is only ever going to be 10 minutes away. I has Steve Coogan and Richard Ayoade DVDs. There is chocolate and wine.

The Caroline Dawnay Agency email to tell me they don't want my book yet the most awful rubbish continues to get published. Am I the only person in the English speaking world that hates The Time-Traveler's Wife? I admit, I've only read the first eighty pages but so far it seems the most awful load of arse. The two main characters are so bloody unbelievable, so utterly, utterly perfect - He with his musician parents and erudite bookshelves, she, so tall and slender with her red-gold hair and pale skin and childhood home full of stereotype servants - she just screams Mary Bloody Sue to me and the style - the writing style seems so stilted and turgid; it reads like the author read some of the best pre-war authors and decided she could write a book Just Like Theirs.

I'm prepared to believe it gets better as the book goes on. It has to (doesn't it?) Because otherwise the glowing reviews that led me to read this tripe are just puzzling. I shall persist (though at the moment I want to fling the thing through a window).

La di da. Life continues to amaze me with its mysteries. I have Californian Shiraz, I have little crunchy, oaty things. I have cheesy crisps and damn fine comedy on DVD and a whole evening free to enjoy them. ::comforts self with this knowledge::

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Pissing it down again. ::sigh:: Not like yesterday; yesterday's rain had drama. Yesterday's deluge was an event. This is just grey, rainy rain in the Lancashire tradition and I'm sick of it already.

Especially since I have to walk across three boggy fields* to post my letter, since the Government in its wisdom has seen fit to close our village Post Office, throwing poor Mr and Mrs Savage and their dog Rocky out of their tied cottage and into the wet, cobbled streets.** 

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...trying to sell the bloody novel.

For yeah and verilee, I am trying to sell 'Mangoes' to an agent. Again. 6 agents, to be precise; hand-picked and dewy fresh from a lengthy and detailed perusal of The Writer's and Artist's and I've been doing a little self-help; been delving into some of those 'how to get published' books and websites and it appears I'm not selling myself hard enough.

It's The Pitch, you see. I'm no good at The Pitch.

So I'm trying The Pitch and, as expected, I'm piss poor at it (Dear reader, I always was) and getting myself into quite a state trying. I can't even write a synopsis that makes this book sound half-way to anything anyone would want to read. ::sighs::

Hey ho. I think I need tea, maybe some toast, too, before launching myself back into the fray. ::sighing hard, wondering why I keep putting myself through this when I could be sitting by the fire with my feet up, watching Morse like a sensible human::

ETA: I just realised one of the people I'm trying to sell this thing to was once a personal friend, someone I've worked for in my hack past who's now heading the submissions dept. of a Highly Respectable Literary Agency. Good job I noticed.  ::scratches carefully constructed half-truths from pitch:: heh heh.

ETA 2: And I just discovered that we've left the bloody printer in Withnell. Clearly the Gods are against me this grey and dreary day; it is not meant to be. ::hangs head. breathes deeply. sighs theatrically. hits head repeatedly on table till sense is beaten therein::
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How is everyone on this lovely, sunny, autumnal day? I'm still at mum and dad's and all that that entails -

So that's me; what's everybody else up to?
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I've not been around much lately; it's been a rum week.

I've been needing to work on my novel for a while, it's out there, in the big wide world, seeking it's One True Agent and I ought to have it polished, bright and shiny just on the off-chance someone says they'd like to read it - but it's not the most exciting job, beta-ing your own novel, so I'd been putting it off. Then I decided to enter it for the Amazon breakthrough novel award

I registered it last Monday and it has to be submitted within a week which was just the kick I needed, really, to get my bottom up and moving; so I've had a week to whup it's flabby arse into line, which is the bulk of what I've been doing - trying to do five chapters a day (and by gum that's been hard!), but it's coming along; I've done 16 of 26 and it's now a much better book than it was.

Which means the fic has been a bit neglected, she said, ::falls to her knees and supplicates forgiveness in an abject and unctious fashion::
I have written a chapter of Angel Dust, Oh Estimable Betas - that just needs reading through, and the next 4 chapters are sketched out. As soon as I can I'll get back to that. And the other one. I just have to finish the novel first.

Anyway, it's Friday. I have beer, I'm watching QI; how about you, my lovelies?

Man oh man, my internet connection is a nightmare tonight!
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I've had an unusual morning; having decided (as I have) to make a fresh attempt at flogging my Great Unsold Novel again, as well as the bloody road book that's still basically unfinished (Well, it needs a few rough edges smoothing but I haven't the stomach for it until someone shows an interest - something they have, up to now, singularly failed to do).

I still feel the novel - a tale of a poor, lost soul who goes to Cuba to find The Revolution and ends up crapped on by CIA and Cuban G2 both (loosely based on bizarre personal experience) - is probably a better bet for eventual publication than the road trip book, so I thought I might as well hawk that round while I'm pimping the other.

So, I've been working on that this morning; finished a re-write of chapter one; 5,147 words. It wasn't as bad as I'd thought it might be, but the style seemed a bit choppy to me - just a matter of smoothing that out and editing a bit. There are 26 chapters so a chapter a day should see the thing right in less than a month.

I'm thinking of sending it to Andrew Lownie first - he expressed interest in my road book, but he wanted so much work putting into the submission I was put off. I've now discovered he's Terry Pratchett's agent and he seems to like journos; he has masses of the buggers on his books. So I guess I'll just have to bite the bullet on the excessive submission procedure and bang my novel at him first.

The rest of the day has been taken up with vacuuming the house and dealing with a British Gas engineer. These might seem two simple tasks, easily dealt with inside an hour, but his is my Mum and Dad's house where nothing is simple. I'll spare you the hideous details but, four hours later, suffice to say I now feel like my head is about to come off (if the aneurism/heart attack doesn’t kill me first).

I'm hoping to spend my afternoon on a run, a brief trip to Penistone to buy tea bags, writing a smidgeon of fanfic and working on this damn submission. Mum and Dad are safely ensconced eating salmon sandwiches and watching some Godawful thing on ITV. Who knows, if they stay this quiet, I might even get something done. Stranger things have happened, and not only at sea.

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Of course it is, so it's back to work. I just got another submission of the road-story printed for a new agency that's expressed an interest; I shall take that round to the PO when they re-open after lunch.

In the meantime,  I'm working on my old novel, I'm going to self-publish the thing before i start a fresh round of submitting it to agents and reviewers, so I'm prepping it for that and I'm thinking about slashing it up a bit...

The story's set in Cuba, so, obviously, there's a lot of sex in it; a lot of heavy flirting, gay and straight, plenty of prostitutes, male and female - there was one het couple, the CIA agents - I've been having a lovely time turning the woman into a man which makes sentences like;
'he ran a warm hand under her shirt and began to nibble at her nipples,' so much more fun.

I haven't decided which version to use yet - keep the woman or change her sex, but I'm having massive fun in the process.

What's the weather like where you are? It's surprisingly bright here today, but with a thick layer of cloud that bodes ill. I hope everyone out there's OK, today. Stay dry, my lovelies.

ETA, 2.35pm: I just walked round to the PO to send my ms and - it's raining. What joy.
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I've just put chapter 5 up.

I'll be posting a chapter a day from now on, so long as I remember ::G:: If you;re reading it and I forget, you may prod me with electrical devices until I post.

I'm making good progress on my latest Great Work, an as yet untitled road story about a trip I made across Cuba (actually three trips)  with a friend (actually three friends) back in '94. I'm being disciplined about doing a minimum 2,000 words a day and - it's coming along well, so I'm feeling suitably smug and self-satisfied.

No progress yet with the Roman tale - sorry. I'll try and get some done tonight, but it's proving another sticky chapter. Blair doesn't seem to know what he wants, the silly boy.
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... is my great  justifiably unpublished novel; I have NO idea if anyone reads this (except the estimable Snailbones - to whom, salutations and greetings) but I've put a couple more chapters up, just for the hell of it. Gosh golly, I haven't even read this through since it last went to the agent some 3 years ago. It's probably all bollocks, but what the heck... (o:
It's here, if you want it.
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